Friday, May 24, 2013

Remembering your past Lives!

This transpired during an interview in the 70’s..

A sceptic who had just been turned into a devotee by Swami’s love and grace ventured for the first time to clear his doubts when encouraged by Swami to ask Him anything.

“Swami, is man’s future determined by his past deeds?” He asked


“Then why does not God grant the knowledge of his earlier birth?” asked the devotee

Swami replied, “God knows the limits of the needs of man. He has given man a wonderful body, 5 sense organs, mind and intellect. If one utilizes these properly, there is no truth he cannot cognize and there is no divine power he cannot acquire.

In the present life man is loosing his peace of mind by binding himself with desires, attachments, love and hatred towards the existing possessions and relationships, will he not be subject to greater stress on account of likes and dislikes beyond his capacity to manage, if he also comes to know of his past?.

Therefore oblivion of one’s past is God’s boon to man.

Let me give you an example. King Janaka, who accomplished spiritual scholarship, had the venerable Sage Yagnyavalka as his Guru. Janaka repeatedly appealed to his master to grant him an insight into his past life. But the Sage refused to accede to his wish by warning him that such knowledge would seriously disrupt his mental peace. Once the King was so insistent on knowing the salient facts of his earlier life that the sage could not resist any longer and as one endowed with divine vision, he disclosed “Oh King! The lady who is your wife now was your own mother in your former life.”

From that day on King Janaka became an ascetic. When such a spiritual giant like Janaka could not stand the jolt of the peep into his yesterlife, what do you think will be the impact on an ordinary man?” Baba explained.