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The Rishi-worker : Amaravani

We are living in interesting times. Never before have so many believed in the existence of the mystical realms or acknowledged the existence of a variety of interdimensional beings on earth and beyond, as now. 
We are aware of the concept of Lightworkers. In this note we share information about the Rishi workers, in the words of someone who Himself is one!

The Sapta Rishis play an extremely vital role in the vast complex operation of man's descent from his origin to his final return to the Divine source. This task is truly herculean since souls once land on earth follow a variety of interests in their sojourn of a billion years. To help them in their work, the Rishis use workers, who may be embodied on earth at the time.

The Rishis select a few among the people who have very less residue on their mind sheaths (Manomaya Kosha) and so are pure enough to sense their presence.  These workers are in two batches of 144000 in number all over the world. The Rishis gave these workers thorough training through meditation and opening certain brain cells, which made these workers receptive at all hours to any command that may come from the Rishis. The precondition being that these workers do nothing on their own and remain as perfect tools to be used by the Rishis. The life of such a worker is one of total sacrifice and surrender to the Rishis.

One such worker was Sri Ambarisha (1919 - 1982). At the age of 12 while undergoing an operation, he had an overdose of anesthesia and remained unconscious for long. During this period Ambarisha left his physical body and was able to see his form lying in the operation room.

He heard some strange music inviting his attention. At first he felt that the music was coming from the moon, so he rushed there, but not able to trace it he went further towards the sun passing venus and mercury on the way. He entered the sun disc (27000 miles thick, 16 million degrees centigrade) and saw inside the sun sphere an earth like celestial body encompassed by space appearing like sky. There was no night but continuous day due to the light being emitted by the sun from all sides. He reached that body and went towards the central city established on it. In that city he saw a magnificent palace. Upon entering the palace he saw in the center seated on the throne was Lord Suryanarayana with Chhaya devi and Sougnya devi on either side surrounded by Ashta dikpalakas and Rishis. He went ahead and prostrated to the SunGod.

As he stood he felt a touch on his shoulder. Upon turning he found and recognised a person who was his friend in some life. He was then escorted to a camp site where in one of the tents he saw the Sapta Rishis (Seven Rishis) and a tall Rishi on the side. The tall Rishi (who he later learned was Brahmarishi Vishwamitra) asked him the reason of his visit and that perhaps he should return to his place of origin. Ambarisha replied that he felt like staying but would return on the condition that they promised to visit him on earth. The Rishi agreed and Ambarisha returned back, re-entering his body on earth in the operating room where four hours had elapsed. Ambarisha then spend his days expecting the divine visitors from Suryaloka.

On a full moon night he was lying on his cot looking at the moon when he saw a red ball of light sail into his room. A voice emerged from the light saying 'I have come as promised, be prepared to see me.'  So saying Brahmarishi Vishwamitra materialised but in a 72 feet tall body.  Ambarisha the 12 year old was shocked and so the Rishi reduced his form to a normal size and sat on a chair. He spoke for a while and said that he would come everyday and then dematerialised.

In this way the Rishi would appear frequently and train the boy sometimes taking him along astrally. Finally one day he took the boy to Mt Everest and pointing to the moon the Rishi asked him if he could go to it and come back. Ambarisha did so. Then the Rishi took him to a cave in Mount Kailash where the Sapta Rishis were seated and introduced Ambarisha as a new worker.

Sri Ambarisha shares that the Rishis are taking an active interest in these enlightening times of change on earth and are ever helping all souls who are making efforts towards Ascending into the new age.

"The Rishis do not look at your faults. They see your response to their call. They see whether you are ready for the change or not."

Extracts from Amaravani.


  1. It feels like I am in a dream..Would like to read more about such Rishi worhers.
    Where is this beatuful site ...of somany temples, in the Hills?

  2. This image is a painting from the net of some heavenly kingdom! :)

  3. He is Maharshi Amara. You will find more details on web site Related books are also available on this site.

  4. A book named Amaravani was published long ago. I am trying to get it but not getting it. It is in English. Can anyone help me in this regard? Ashok Abhichandani

    1. Hello Ashok, the book maybe available in Bangalore.. a certain gentleman, i heard, has a few copies of it nd he sells it from his house near RT nagar.

    2. Yes. I can help you. You can email me at

  5. Interesting fact - Swami Purnananda stayed in Siddhashram in Himalaya, around 1870 ,in the ashram of BrahmaRishis Angira where he mastered the original spiritual technique now known as Ajapa. His successor established the only temple in the world of the 9 NINE BrahmaRishis. His present successor is getting ready to manifest his work this year 2022.

    1. Sir, request you to please give further details of 1.where is this temple?. Who is the successor???

    2. Hello sir, I am also looking for Amaravani book. Can you help me to procure it?


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