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Are we Alone? - The Others

"In My father's house are many mansions" : Jesus Christ - Matthew 7:7

In my school days we were told that we humans are alone in this vast endless universe which emerged from a Big bang. As such this intelligent life called humanity was just an accident. We emerged from the unknown and into the unknown we dissolve.

Introspection led me to my own conclusions. I was convinced that this life had a purpose. I was convinced that this universe (physical) could not be endless but that the boundaries were beyond human understanding or reach. Above all I was convinced that we were not alone; that this vast universe had other life forms.
The proof? - Us - We Humans!

If we existed others must exist too. Also that the mode of existence of other intelligent life forms may not be similar to our own. Nature gives us a variety in everything.. So we could have other life forms which existed without the need for food, oxygen or water. Perhaps they needed a different set of elements to exist on. For instance if we believe that all forms of existence need a certain temperature to exist then scientists found a microorganism called Hyperthermophilic archaebacteria in a variety of high temperature environments previously thought incapable of supporting life - including the active zone of erupting volcanoes. Thus it always baffled me as to why scientists always looked for water and oxygen on distant star bodies to conclude life on that planet.

Scientists estimate that there are some 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. The earth belongs to the Milky way, which comprises approximately 300 billion stars, one of which is our own sun. In the entire observable universe there are thought to be a staggering billion trillion (10 raise to 21) stars.

"After all, the existence of intelligence is not a near zero probability matter since we exist. If, for instance, the probability were only one in a billion that near a given star there existed a technological civilisation, that would mean that in the universe as a whole, a trillion different civilisations would exist." Dr. Issac Asimov - Extraterrestrial Civilisations.

The Hindu scriptures tell us that there are higher levels or dimensions or lokas of existence. But here we are not talking just about them. For now we are talking also about other life on our Physical dimension. I was always keen to know what our ancient scriptures said on this matter, for unlike science our scriptures do not keep changing their point of view and have been sourced by Rishis.

"Advanced but still imperfect yogis who are disappointed in this world are given a chance to experience the happiness available in the bright astral spheres, or are allowed to reincarnate on other planets of the physical universe that boasts better conditions of existence than our earth." Sri Paramahansa Yogananda - God talks with Arjuna.

Extraterrestrials and Aliens are the 2 words often used to refer to other life forms.
Extra terrestrials simply means those not of this Terra - Earth. Aliens is defined as: Belonging to a foreign country or nation (or in this case) planet.

From a human viewpoint, foreign life form exists at 3 levels:

1) The Extraterrestrials or Aliens in other parts of our solar system or Milky galaxy or the universe beyond i.e. Venusians, Pleadians, Sirians, Arcturians.

2) The beings living on higher dimensions - Nature spirits, Advanced humans, Faeries, Leprechauns, Angels, Gnomes, Archangels etc

3) Beings who are technically Aliens but living on earth, both on earthly sphere like Inner earth and higher dimensions like Telos or Shambhalla / Shangrila etc.

In this note it is not important to understand each of these beings. An basic awareness should suffice.

Valiant Thor
When we think of an alien form we think some odd shape, face or, skin colored being with large eyes etc. This may not necessarily be so. Many of the aliens races are in fact Humanoids like us. If one of them were to walk amongst us, we wouldn't be able to single them out. One such being from Venus named Valiant Thor is well known in certain circles. He appeared in the 1950's to meet President Eisenhower. To a few who know him and wrote about him, He appeared to be a highly spiritual , benevolent and intelligent being. He had offered help to humanity through the American president. The help was rejected after study as ' it would affect the American economy domination'. My belief on the above strengthened after someone I personally know and respect, mentioned acquaintanceship with Thor and other Venusians, as She herself was one in the past.

Some scientists reject the theory of Alien life with the question : "If there is Alien life, where are they? or why haven't they contacted us?" . Some years later other scientists came up with an answer in form of the zoo hypothesis, which states that super-intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and does not contact life on Earth to allow for its natural evolution and development.

Alien visitations in form of UFO's are true. Despite being rubbished by official sources many people claimed to have seen UFO's around the world. During the Japan crises last year, there was a heavy presence of these UFO's which seemed to be monitoring the Fukushima nuclear plant. The videos of these UFOs were released by the Japanese and Chinese medias. However the western media completely blacked it out. Some of these videos are available on youtube.

Though various planets seemingly have their own isolated existence, the truth is all creation is interconnected. Extraterrestrial life forms have ever visited earth even from the biblical times and beyond. Their visitations became more prominent after the first Atomic bomb explosion.  In 1968 Erich von Däniken released a book called Chariots of the Gods which made very interesting connections between alien / UFO's and biblical descriptions of the same. The book was a bestseller and eventually became a documentary.

During the Atlantis and Lumerian times galactic visitations were as common as inter-country visitations. Nazca lines, Pyramids, Stonehenge etc have associations with these visitations. Upon the destruction of Atlantis some of the surviving souls were said to be hidden away into the inner earth and living there to this day. Many explorers have said that the earth is hollow and have living beings within. The Inner earth realm is known as Agartha. The openings to the Inner earth are from the north and south poles. Inner earth residents made themselves aware to 'surface humanity', as we are known there, after the atomic bomb testings. More about them in later postings.


Many other evolved souls also exist in higher dimensional spheres on earth at the 6th n 7th dimensions. These beings are not visible to our eyes. Recently two evolved friends of mine who went to a certain resort in south India happened to come across such beings who shared with them that they have been dwelling there in the 6th dimension since centuries. Some of them were disciples of Sri Adi Shankaracharya and have been in the meditative state since the great Guru left

In our own ancient scriptures such as the Mahabharata, Puranas etc ample reference is made to other life forms who could easily visit or co exist on earth like the Gandharvas, Apsaras, Yakshas , Chinaras etc. The two major dynasties - the Solar dynasty of Sri Rama, and the Lunar dynasty of the pandavas had their source from higher beings in the Sun (Suryaloka) and moon (Chandraloka), who during the higher ages of Sat yuga mingled with earthly form and initiated this line.

It is said that we humans too are not indigenous to this earth that our own ancestry links us to other star systems like the Pleiades..that the only humans indigenous to earth are the Native American Indians and the Aborigines of Australia. This in a way throws to the bin Darwin's theory of evolution. The theory may be right from the amoeba to the monkey, but a human isn't a part of it.

Roswell - Insiders from Area 52 have revealed that the secret agencies of the US did lay their hands on alien technologies after some UFO's crashed there. Inside sources say that humanity has benefited in many ways through discoveries made since then. Everyday used technologies like laser, fiber optics which powers our internet, Teflon, Kevlar protection, LED light system, night vision etc are borrowed from these alien technologies. Insiders also say that they is in possession of much higher technology which can drastically change the way we live, for the better. But these technologies are being suppressed so as to keep their world domination through oil / petrol power.

A NASA insider said (disclosure project) that almost every picture taken by the satellites has UFO presence on it. So much so that in NASA there is  dedicated department whose job it is to photoshop these UFO's out before the picture is released to the public.

The Higher powers on earth in form of Governments of countries have given us the impression that either there is no alien life, that UFO's etc are nonsense, or that if there are such life forms - they are dangerous and threatening. Many stories of abductions etc have been floating around which are only partially true. 'Fear of the unknown' is a powerful tool. Either these aliens are not, or if they are they are to be feared. In the process we mirror our own minds on them. Look at any alien movie. The first thing we see an alien do is to take out its weapon and hurt us. Thats because we have that hostile mentality which we project on them as we fear them.

The insiders who have revealed information in the disclosure project, have gone on to say that these UFO's have been seen hovering around nuclear sites and have even known to disarm them. They say that these ET's have actively insured in many cases that we don't repeat a Hiroshima type incident.

That there are alien beings around us should not shock us. They have always been around. We were just not aware of them. What is amazing is how this matter has been covered up all along. This has to be the greatest secret ever maintained.

As humanity evolves we will find ourselves more in familiarity with our larger Galactic family. In the near future presence of UFO's may become a more familiar sight as these Galactic members are taking an active interest in helping Earth ascend to the higher vibrational spheres.

"Astronomers know that the earth belongs to a certain galaxy and that many island universes float in an infinitude circular space. Someday other inhabited physical planets will be discovered; there will be interplanetary communication and travel." Sri Paramahansa Yogananda - God talks with Arjuna, circa 1948.

Many of these UFO's are seen by people with the naked eye. Oftentimes the UFO's, not wanting to distract humanity,  camouflage themselves in form of a cloud during day and appear star-like at night. Also UFO's do not make themselves available to just anyone but only to certain souls on earth who live in a  certain frequency are thus able to perceive their presence.


At this point in time many of these galactic beings are born on earth as one of us, to be the 'ground crew' to facilitate help to earth and humanity from the inside. Many of these beings may remember their source and purpose of incarnating on earth. Most are benevolent and spiritual by nature, who radiate light and love to help increase vibrations of the world around them. They are generally known as 'Lightworkers' further categorised as  Starseeds, Indigo children, crystal beings, wise ones etc. I have had the privilege to meet such humans, fellow light workers.

However, all said and done - the presence of ET life does not in any way make any difference to the higher goal of human life - to evolve from ego self to the soul selves that we are - an aspect of the Omnipresent spirit.

"Paramahansaji said that there is definitely life on other planets in this vast universe. But He did not discuss these matters much because His mission was to help devotees who truly want to know God. He was not interested in drawing people who would be attracted by sensationalism about subjects that may be fascinating but are spiritually useless. In Paramahansaji's view, one of the greatest fallacies in our western  ideas about spiritual progress is the tendency to think that communicating with other beings from other planets or from the astral worlds is a way to advance spiritually. Master was very definate in telling us that this is a mistake. In ever age God sends His enlightened incarnations with His message of liberation. There is no reason to think that any lesser being from some planet or realm is qualified or needed to give us God communion or realisation." Sri Daya Mata.

For those who are interested in knowing more I strongly recommend they download " THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT" a documentary where insiders from US armed forces reveal their experiences with UFO / ET's.

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  1. Area 51 has readymade steps, built since ancient times, leading to hollow earth. This was found out when the americans built 26 steps underground to find the remaining steps. Varanasi has a well where it said that it leads to Patal Loka. In Nagarcoil area, between Trivandrum & Kanya Kumari, there exists underground paths leading to Naga Loka, but of course not everyone can go there. Only the destined ones...

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