Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Sai dream i had..


 Date: 4th Sept, 2012. Tuesday.

Last night I had a dream. I saw myself in my school in Dehradoon. Some of us boys were selected to be send on behalf of the school to some ‘important event’ that was going to be held somewhere. 

Upon reaching the place of the event I find we have come to Kulwant hall, Prashanti Nilayam. We are standing amongst a huge crowd of people in anticipation of something. The massive crowd is divided into two groups. I am in the 2nd line of the right side group (the ladies side in the Kulwant hall) very close to Swami’s chair.

A silver car drives up (I can’t tell if it’s the Porte), and from the car emerges Swami in a wheel chair. An electric energy of excitement runs through the crowd as we are thrilled to see Swami once again.

The form I am looking at is that of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda but inwardly I know this is Swami. Also upon seeing Swami I can sense that all devotees are aware of Swami giving darshan despite Him having renounced His form over a year ago. Then as Swami is being wheeled towards His throne, He motions to stop, and then slowly gets up from the chair and begins walking. I notice this and in a sense of elation cry out ‘Swami is walking, Swami is walking....’  The whole hall erupts in joy upon seeing Swami walk amongst them. We know He has come back to us.

There was something more to this dream which I cannot recall, but this part of the dream ends. Then I heard Swami’s voice within telling me to remember this dream and share it. Swami further tells me to narrate it to someone immediately (within the dream itself) for this will ensure that I will remember it upon awakening. 

At this point another dream begins where I see Shekhar, a sevadal friend, with his wife Lalita sitting in a place distributing a variety of exotic prasad that looks delicious. He gives me a handful of  the different varieties. I tell him and Lalita to stop the distribution and listen to what I have to say. Lalita leaves her work and Shekhar gives me his attention even though still managing the prasad. I narrate to them the dream as described above. 

As Swami correctly said, whatever I narrated to the two of them is the only thing I remember and have shared above. I have a feeling there was something more but I am unable to recall it.

 I woke up feeling very fresh and clear, instead of the grogginess that one often feels upon awakening.


  • Seeing my Guru Sri Paramahansa Yogananda in the dream as Swami is significant as it is Swami who led me to my Guru and I have always prayed to them to show me their Oneness in divinity.
  • This is the third dream I've had where I see Swami  granting darshans after leaving His form.
The first dream is where I saw millions of devotees gather in an open ground and Swami giving darshan in the sky, by parting clouds. Kasturiji is standing behind Him. Swami calls 3 people for interview from the sky.
The second dream is where I am in close proximity to Swami who looks at me very lovingly after which we have His birthday Prasad as mentioned below.

The third is today’s dream.

  • This is the second time I am seeing prasad in my dream. My sister told me that receiving prasad in a dream is very auspicious and spiritually symbolic. In both the dreams the prasad has something to do with Swami’s return. In both dreams the prasad is very rich, royal, and of an exotic variety.
In an earlier dream the prasad was being distributed on Swami’s first birthday upon His return, on a massive scale. In the dream today the prasad being distributed by Shekhar is also for Swami though on a smaller scale. 

  • This is the second time in a dream that I jump in joy upon seeing Swami walk… somehow seeing  Him walking again is thrilling me more than seeing Him in form.
  • In the dream, when Swami asks me to narrate the dream to someone it is interesting that He leads me to Lalita didi and Shekhar. This is because about a week back Lalita didi and me were conversing about this very subject when she mentioned Shekhar's trip to Puattaparthi where he learned that many devotees are anticipating Swami’s return.
I must add that I have presented the dream as is without adding my personal opinion. I feel that anyone reading this has to interpret it according to their own understanding.



A merchant travelling by a village was humored to see a young boy engaged in devotions to the Lord. The merchant went up to him and said ‘Boy, I will give you one silver coin if you tell me where this God of yours is?’
The astonished boy replied ‘Sir I will give you 10 gold coins if you could tell me where God is not!’

Dr Mistry shared in his speech that once while with Swami, he asked ‘Swami, you don’t give discourse anymore?’
Swami replied ‘Mistry I have been giving discourse for the past 85 years. Everyone listens, no one follows.’

Swami once told devotees in an interview – ‘Anything that has name and form is delusion; including Swami’s form. Life here is designed in a way that nothing can give you permanent joy. Even if I gave myself completely to you, you would still not be satisfied. True joy can only be uncovered within. ’ 

The above points make me wonder about what Swami’s return would mean to us. 

The Mahasamadhi was a surreal experience where I felt a lot of inner conversation taking place. The Mahasamadhi never felt like a closed chapter; it felt more like an intermission in a movie, something incomplete. More then once I felt I heard Swami say ‘this is My greatest leela.’

For 85 years Swami has tirelessly served His devotees teaching and pleading with us to see all as One, to love all serve all! But where do we truly stand? Each of us has to look within to answer this question.  Whenever I see any devotee excited at the thought of His return I feel curious to ask them what is it that they are expecting this time around?  What has Swami not done in these past 85 years that we feel He will do for us upon His return that will convert us into his ideal devotees? Are we again looking forward to waking at 2 in the morning sitting in line to get darshans, have our letters taken, and get interviews?

Don’t get me wrong – I would be thrilled to see His beautiful form float amongst us. But we have to honor an Avatars’ coming and leaving - in thought, word and deed. Being elated about His coming reflects that somewhere within we do not believe that He is always with us. For 85 years He had reduced Himself from His Absolute form to our limited form so that we could see, touch and talk to Him. Now what if He expects us to raise ourselves to His level to see, touch and talk to Him once again?

It is from Swami that I learnt that the Golden Age is at hand. We are those fortunate ones who have already received His grace in volumes in having His darshans while knowing that He is divinity in its highest form. This is a rare blessing as Swami Himself pointed out to us on many occasions. He also said that ‘To whom much is given, much will be expected.’ These words of Swami often resound in my ears.

Swami came to remind us that we are all Swamis! To me, more then looking without in anticipation, we need to look within to gauge if we have become the Divinity He wants us to be so that,we can be His instruments to help lead humanity into the new age. 

'Love My uncertainties' Swami says. Whether He appears in His form or  resurrects His presence within each of us – in either case He will return!

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  1. YES Sai Ram
    By leaving His body early and altering the Dimension of Time and Space , He gave us all an opportunity to be His Energetic Instruments, Possibility of seeing Prema Sai in Eight years time.....and Being in His physical Presence again through Intense Tapas right NOW !

  2. Om Sairam fellow devotees. I am from South Africa and I have been a devotee of Bhagawan for more than 25 years. I was blessed to witness Swamis divine Leelas (miracles / manifestations) in our prayer room of our home in Durban many years ago. I have never been to Indian, never meet Sai Baba in person but He has answered my prayers and visited our home Omni presently for many years. We have since relocated to Pretoria and the leelas have stopped. However a colleague from India who is a Sevadal at Prashanti Niliyam has written a letter to Baba with my prayer request. Early yeaterday morning, he placed the letter together with two rose flowers and a coconut at Baba's Mahasamadhi and offered prayers. He was apparently the only person praying at that early hour and after praying a fresh Laddu appeared infront of him. There was no laddu present before he commenced praying. Baba has acknowledged and blessed our prayers. He immediately sent me a photo of the Laddu via Watsapp message and I felt overjoyed. Baba never forgets His devotees and He is definitely the Lord of the Universe. There are many such manifestations taking place in peoples homes in South Africa before and after Babas departure from the physical plane. If anyone is experiencing such manifestations at their places of worhip or homes, please share your experiences with me.


  3. Dear Brother, You ask what we who acutely feel Baba's return to be imminent expect, that was not accomplished in the 85 years he walked in our midst. Imagine Baba descending on the clouds and all being able to witness this event where ever they may be on the planet. The whole world will be riveted in awe and wonder at this miraculous event, so much so that hearts and minds will be instantly transformed. The existence of God will no longer be debated, for there will be tangible proof. People will fall to their knees and vow to lead righteous lives. The whole world will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. All this could only take place because Baba has inspired us to transform our hearts. He transforms the world through the transformation of our hearts. Because our hearts have been transformed, now He can transform the world. We will witness the end of sickness, suffering and death on our weary war-torn planet, upon Baba's return. Such is the splendor with which he will return that none will doubt. All will rejoice.

    1. Dear Sister, I appreciate your view.. but consider the statement of a master who once said ‘Truth is for earnest seekers, not for those of idle curiosity. It is easy to believe when one sees; there is nothing then to deny. Supersensual truth is deserved and discovered by those who overcome their natural materialistic skepticism.’
      If Baba were to make such an appearance indeed it would strike people with awe and wonder and they may be willing to change their viewpoints and accept the Avatar. But would that transformation be true and deep? It is said that to bear the light of God within, you have to be very evolved else our beings may shatter like a 5 watt bulb trying to hold a million watts of light. Most lovers of God go through s genuine process of sadhana to prepare themselves for being awakened in Gods light. If people could change through miracles, the public crucification of Christ would have forever changed the world. The lifting of Govardhan by Lord Krishna would have done the same. Swami's greatest miracle will remain His love, which He freely bestowed. I do not know if He would like to draw people to His divinity only through a miracle. Its like a couple getting into a relation not for love but for superficial reasons.


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