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'You will bring in the Golden Age' : A Divine revelation on the Avataars last Birthday!



A most profound conversation took place a few years back between Swami and a young devotee. 

The devotee, an ace singer, had put in a lot of effort to create a unique sound to be played when Swami would ride the Golden chariot for the last time on His last birthday celebration of His human form, in the year 2010.

Swami acknowledging the young devotees efforts, teased him - "Ae.. you think you planned and created those sounds of the conch shells and the celestial bells?"

With a smile He revealed "Those sounds were planned 10,000 years ago!"

Stunned, the young devotee asked "Swami what was so special about this that it had to be planned 10,000 years ago?"

Swami replied "It was planned 10,000 years ago because at this point in time this sound was to be played, heralding the end of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Satya Yuga!"

(This sound was played on 23rd November, 2010 approximately 11 am.)

Unable to come to terms with this stunning revelation, the boy asked "Swami, is the Golden age here?  But if that is the case, why is there still negativity, why poverty, why anger and all the ailments in our failing society."

Swami smiled pleased at the question and looked up. There was a fan on the ceiling. He said " Do you see this fan?"

Devotee  Yes Swami"

Swami "It is a five speed fan. Suppose it is rotating at full speed at the 5th level, what if you press the stop button?"

Devotee: "Swami the motors will stop further rotation, though the fan blades will still rotate at great speed till the fan comes to a halt in time."

Swami "Yes! I have now pressed the stop button for the Kali Age. But the blades continue to rotate at a very very high speed. But I have also pressed the One speed button for the Golden Age. Sloowwlly the fan of the Golden age is beginning to rotate."

The devotee let this information sink in. He then asked " Swami, then when will the fan of the Golden age override the fan of the Kali yuga?"

Swami smiled at this question and made a very profound revelation "That is up to you all My children!"

" Upto us?… How Swami?" said the surprised devotee.

Swami revealed " Every bit of negativity done in thought, word or deed from here on, will power up Kali Yuga. The fan of Kali Yuga will continue to rotate.  Every bit of positivity done in thought, word, deed power up the Golden age fan. So now its unto you all."

If these words of the Avataar are now neglected, it will be most unfortunate for this earth and humanity. The Golden Age is bound to come, the only question is, will this generation take the onus upon itself to bring about the change or delay the inevitable by giving away this rare opportunity to another generation.

Swami had declared many years ago "To whom much is given, much will be expected." We, who have the privilege of calling ourselves His devotees, must lead the way for humanity, from this moment on by living the life as taught by Him. 
It is for this reason that Swami shared with us His light saying " My life is My message." 
Having filled us with His light, He then declared " Your lives will be My message."

Swami declared to the young devotee "As Krishna I had given the promise in the Bhagawad Geeta, that if you dedicate, you surrender your lives to Me, I will take charge of every aspect of your lives and fulfill your every need. As the Sathya Sai avatar I make a further declaration. If you dedicate your lives in loving Me and serving Me, I will not only fulfill My promise as Krishna of Yogakshema, but I will take you across the ocean of Samsara, to rest in the lap of Divinity forever."

Do you doubt yourself, do you doubt your ability to bring this mission to its inevitable success?

The Lord had once revealed to His students the following secret. "To even chant the name of Sai, you would have to take a hundred thousand births.  

"Do you know who you all are? None of you know what you have done to be here. None of you know the intense sadhana you have done over 1000's of years in anticipation of this opportunity of being close to the Avataar.  Many of you have been Yogi's and Rishi's some meditating over a stretch of 300 years at a time. 

"I have not forgotten all your accumulated sadhana, your accumulated karma which has reached its pinnacle now, leading you to take birth at the same time as the Parabrahma Swaroopa."

In this way Swami has revealed to us the simple fact that not only has He graced us to be with Him but that He deems us worthy of being those torchbearers who will take this light forward. Swami has gone nowhere. He is. He has only stepped back to help us fulfill our mission of making our lives His message. Of being His lighthouses.

The Golden Age begins Now… It begins with you...

Video of the talk by Sri Sumeet Tapoo -

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Monday, November 4, 2013

India Trip 2013

One trip, 23 airports ,  29 flights,  25 states, 4 months and 75230 kms.

Gene Massey, a film director from Hollywood, Los Angeles and myself, a filmmaker from Bollywood, Mumbai, undertook this journey to document the various Sai service activities being undertaken around the remotest parts of India. Given below are my reflections as I met various people, visited various places and institutions during this mammoth journey.

Travel e pad: Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Visited the Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, at Ajmer this evening.

The very first thing that strikes you about this place is the entrance where you get to see the most amazing sight - crowds of hindu and muslim devotees entering the same place of worship with the same zeal and reverence.

Rich in sufi history, every moment spent there is soaked in sacredness. Inside the main shrine one is overwhelmed by the pure Tranquility that pervades the atmosphere. As i saw the throngs eagerly trying to access the main tomb area of this saint, it occurred to me how extraordinarily fortunate we are to be able to easily access the Mahasamadhi of the Poorna Avataar of our age. Just the next moment i felt overwhelmed with the realization that we were the most fortunate to have had the darshans of the living God. An intuition dawned that very soon the Mahasamadhi at Parthi would also be thronged by the masses in the future.

When we stepped outside, i saw the many women who were offering their devotions from the walls outside, as i figured that they were not permitted inside the main shrine. But i could not feel sorry for them, for when i saw how fervently they were devoting themselves placing their heads on the wall, i felt the walls had become as holy, if not holier then the tomb within. Watching them pray was a very moving and inspiring experience. 

Around evening when all the people there knelt together for their namaaz, i felt a great urge to join my muslim brothers in offering my devotions, but couldn't because of my ignorance of their ways, so i simple sat in my corner and offered the Beloved One my humble prayers and gratitude for bringing me to His house of worship!

Travel e pad : Chokkadi, Karnataka, India.

We reluctantly visited a school not scheduled in our list, this afternoon; but were pleasantly surprised. 800 students being served by a Sai school in a remote village Chokkadi. 
While shooting lunch in their dining room, i noticed how cool the room was though the sun outside was blazing. I looked up and was surprised to see a tin roof. This room should have been an oven. Confused, i went to the authorities and enquired if they had put something over the tin roof to keep it cool. The gentleman couldn't understand me, but got very concerned and asked if i was feeling hot. Some other members joined us and i repeated my inquiry. He asked me again ' Sir, are you feeling hot! ' I replied 'On the contrary i am amazed how cool i feel despite it being so hot outside and this being a tin roof.'

My statement had a strange reaction on all of them. They had a shocking look on their faces, whereas one person couldnt control himself and began laughing in surprise (much to the annoyance of Gene).

Later the laughing person explained that the gentleman whom i had questioned Sri L N Kote, had been very concerned about us visiting and shooting in the dining and how it would be very hot in there. Out of concern he prayed to Swami that Swami should take care of us. So when i said it was cool ( and amazingly it was very cool ) they knew Swami had answered their prayers.

When i heard the name of this person i asked if he was the same Kote who was famous for his singing in Prashanti. His colleagues replied ' Indeed he is!'. I felt thrilled meeting him and piled him with questions about their days with Swami back in the 70's when they were students. Over lunch we both sat together and Brother Kote shared with me how they would sit and eat food with Swami on his table and how Swami would make sudden visits to the hostels and the classroom. he then mentioned the famous incident that i had often heard of.

Kote's singing was a very moving experience. Many devotees would weep when they heard him sing. One day as he sang, one lady, overwhelmed with devotion and emotion, stood up and began to weep uncontrollably. Swami Himself had to get up and bless her, only then did her sobbing stop. Then Swami walked up to Kote and lovingly reprimanded him in telegu ' What boy! why must you make my devotees weep!'

I felt blessed to hear such stories from him and was inspired to see how Sri Kote is now following Swami's command and has dedicated his life to serving this humble school.

Travel e pad:  Tamil nadu.

Visited a mentally challenged home today. The little boys and girls there lived in a world of their own. Our organization trains a few college student volunteers to teach and train these children. It is very easy to get emotional looking at those innocent souls, but not for long, cause when they get going, there’s a riot of joy, fun and frolic.

They played simple games in a sort of competition; when one little soul won everyone forgot the competition and clapped for him or her; when the child who came last finished their task all the children shouted with joy and clapped all over again. Everybody wins in this world. And guiding them were these vibrant college youth with humble backgrounds. While speaking with one of them, he pointed to a sevadal behind me, a simple lad who was carrying our bags around and said ‘ he is our lecturer at the college and he inspired us to take up this job.’ A lecturer, carrying our bags?? My jaw dropped. I was stunned to say the least. But he simply smiled in acknowledgement.

There was so much life around those children. Its hard to feel sorry for these joyous beings, who though living in humble circumstances, have the advantage of living amongst beautiful souls. We all came out of the place with a huge smile on our lips. As I stepped out into our world I couldn’t help but conclude that these little children were the truly sane ones.. our world outside was filled with the mentally challenged!

Travel e pad :

Waking up at 4 in the morning after a strenuous shoot the previous day is a tough tough thing. However, while the body and mind rebel and protest against the alleged ' human rights violation', the soul and heart feel content at the idea of using the sacred morning Brahmamuhurat hours in inner contemplation.
Life! You win some, you lose some!

Travel e pad :

While visiting an Educare school yesterday, I learnt the following in a class room -
What is Self confidence?
It is Faith in THE Self.
What is the Self ? Is it the ego?
It is the God dwelling within us .
So we should always live life with the faith that the God within can help us overcome any challenge that life throws at us, with ease.
That is Self confidence.
Now why can't every school teach that?

Travel e pad : 

Heard the story of this poor graduate boy who travels 190 kms every sunday from Thiruvanamalai to Chennai to participate in a service activity of reading to the blind. When this boy was asked if he could afford to come every sunday, he humbly replied that he sells some stuff in the train on which he travels to supplement his ticket fare.. But he will never miss the opportunity of serving Swami through these blind people every sunday. Makes me ask myself - How do I spend my sundays?

On the other hand I met and I heard the inspiring story of this blind girl who has to wake up at 5 in THE morning, change 3 buses to be able to make it to this school and with their help has graduated and done her MPhil and now inspires to become a teacher. Everyday Miracles..