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'You will bring in the Golden Age' : A Divine revelation on the Avataars last Birthday!



A most profound conversation took place a few years back between Swami and a young devotee. 

The devotee, an ace singer, had put in a lot of effort to create a unique sound to be played when Swami would ride the Golden chariot for the last time on His last birthday celebration of His human form, in the year 2010.

Swami acknowledging the young devotees efforts, teased him - "Ae.. you think you planned and created those sounds of the conch shells and the celestial bells?"

With a smile He revealed "Those sounds were planned 10,000 years ago!"

Stunned, the young devotee asked "Swami what was so special about this that it had to be planned 10,000 years ago?"

Swami replied "It was planned 10,000 years ago because at this point in time this sound was to be played, heralding the end of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Satya Yuga!"

(This sound was played on 23rd November, 2010 approximately 11 am.)

Unable to come to terms with this stunning revelation, the boy asked "Swami, is the Golden age here?  But if that is the case, why is there still negativity, why poverty, why anger and all the ailments in our failing society."

Swami smiled pleased at the question and looked up. There was a fan on the ceiling. He said " Do you see this fan?"

Devotee  Yes Swami"

Swami "It is a five speed fan. Suppose it is rotating at full speed at the 5th level, what if you press the stop button?"

Devotee: "Swami the motors will stop further rotation, though the fan blades will still rotate at great speed till the fan comes to a halt in time."

Swami "Yes! I have now pressed the stop button for the Kali Age. But the blades continue to rotate at a very very high speed. But I have also pressed the One speed button for the Golden Age. Sloowwlly the fan of the Golden age is beginning to rotate."

The devotee let this information sink in. He then asked " Swami, then when will the fan of the Golden age override the fan of the Kali yuga?"

Swami smiled at this question and made a very profound revelation "That is up to you all My children!"

" Upto us?… How Swami?" said the surprised devotee.

Swami revealed " Every bit of negativity done in thought, word or deed from here on, will power up Kali Yuga. The fan of Kali Yuga will continue to rotate.  Every bit of positivity done in thought, word, deed power up the Golden age fan. So now its unto you all."

If these words of the Avataar are now neglected, it will be most unfortunate for this earth and humanity. The Golden Age is bound to come, the only question is, will this generation take the onus upon itself to bring about the change or delay the inevitable by giving away this rare opportunity to another generation.

Swami had declared many years ago "To whom much is given, much will be expected." We, who have the privilege of calling ourselves His devotees, must lead the way for humanity, from this moment on by living the life as taught by Him. 
It is for this reason that Swami shared with us His light saying " My life is My message." 
Having filled us with His light, He then declared " Your lives will be My message."

Swami declared to the young devotee "As Krishna I had given the promise in the Bhagawad Geeta, that if you dedicate, you surrender your lives to Me, I will take charge of every aspect of your lives and fulfill your every need. As the Sathya Sai avatar I make a further declaration. If you dedicate your lives in loving Me and serving Me, I will not only fulfill My promise as Krishna of Yogakshema, but I will take you across the ocean of Samsara, to rest in the lap of Divinity forever."

Do you doubt yourself, do you doubt your ability to bring this mission to its inevitable success?

The Lord had once revealed to His students the following secret. "To even chant the name of Sai, you would have to take a hundred thousand births.  

"Do you know who you all are? None of you know what you have done to be here. None of you know the intense sadhana you have done over 1000's of years in anticipation of this opportunity of being close to the Avataar.  Many of you have been Yogi's and Rishi's some meditating over a stretch of 300 years at a time. 

"I have not forgotten all your accumulated sadhana, your accumulated karma which has reached its pinnacle now, leading you to take birth at the same time as the Parabrahma Swaroopa."

In this way Swami has revealed to us the simple fact that not only has He graced us to be with Him but that He deems us worthy of being those torchbearers who will take this light forward. Swami has gone nowhere. He is. He has only stepped back to help us fulfill our mission of making our lives His message. Of being His lighthouses.

The Golden Age begins Now… It begins with you...

Video of the talk by Sri Sumeet Tapoo -

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  1. lovely! fantastic! awsm! wonderful! .... do nt knw wht to say....loved dz conversation a looooootttttttt..... :) .... thank u soooo muuccchhh for dz beautiful words frm our Lord ...

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Have you read Vasantha Sai's books?

  3. can there be a lil' more on the conch etc on 'sounds of the conch shells and the celestial bells' that were planned 10,000 years ago ?

    1. Not more is known, this is what was revealed.. :)

  4. i was in parthi on 23rd november 2010. swami did not come out for darshan till 11.30 am . this conversation needs to be authenticated .

  5. Sairam, as you will read there it says approximately. meaning it was around that time. As for the music, it played and is to be found on the video of 2010 birthday.

  6. Sairam,

    The information you presented above is incorrect...the "musician" is aware of the
    story as presented above and is submitting the correct version of the story...once its is online
    I shall share the link with you..

    God bless all

  7. Sairam, I have heard the audio of this talk which I believe was spoken by the Musician himself.. Majority of material is word to word.. some statements are my reflections based on what I have learned, and shared in earlier blogs.. Feel free to point out which part of the information above is Incorrect.

    In Sai love and light..

  8. I think the singer is Mr. Sumit Tapoo

  9. Sai Ram, could you kindly post a link to the recording, thanks!

    1. I do not have the link, it was shared in file form. But i have received a comment saying that the musician stated in the post is the singer brother Sumeet Tapoo. In which case this audio should me easy to find.

  10. Sai Ram anonymous,

    I can't see any factual error in the blog post. Attached is the original recording where the story was narrated.


  11. Thanks for sharing this.


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