Friday, December 13, 2013


" Parmartha Ishtarth Moksha Pradanam.."

Some years back Swami called a devotee who was to visit Arunachala and asked him to carry some vibhuti which he was to give to a certain person who would himself find him to receive the sacred prasad.  He added a note of caution to the devotee saying "Do not give this vibhuti to anyone but that devotee. He is waiting for this."

Obeying Swami's command this devotee left for Arunachala wondering how that person will know of his coming.

Once in Arunachala, this devotee wondered what he should do next. He was very fond of watching cricket and was keen on going to his room to follow a match that was currently in progress. As he was waiting, he noticed a young ascetic approach him.

The ascetic looked at him and said, "Are you not the one through whom Bhagwan has send vibhuti? My Master is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Will you please come with me so I can take you to him immediately."

In his eagerness to watch cricket, the devotee from parthi told the ascetic "Look here, why don't I give you the vibhuti, please carry it to your Master as I have other matters to attend to."

The ascetic face registered surprise and awe. He said "Do you think I am capable of carrying or even touching this vibhuti send by Bhagawan. Do you realize how potent it is. Blessed are you for it is purely His grace that His devotees can partake of this most sacred grace." Hearing this the devotee from parthi was reminded of Swamis command to give the vibhuti to the recipient directly.

With that the ascetic led the way leading the parthi devotee to a cave like area in the outskirts of Arunachala. At once the disciples ran within to inform their Master of this devotees arrival. The Master who never ventured out asked his disciples to carry him out. There he greeted this devotee and reverentially accepted the divine gift send by Bhagawan.

This devotee states that it took the Master a good 40 mins to be able to consume that pinchful of vibhuti. As He finished consuming it, this devotee witnessed in awe as the Master sat down in a trance and His life breath left him in front of those gathered there, making a cracking sound from the top of his skull, giving him the final grace of Liberation.

This story was narrated by this devotee himself.

I hope the next time we sing "Paramam pavitram.." we will realize the privilege we have as devotees of the Poornaavataar, on whom he has graced His special grace of the Vibhuti.

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  1. wonderful :) .... thanks for reminding the importance becuse without these reminders it becomes almost casual like thing ....will keep it in mind next time


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