Friday, December 27, 2013


The story of Adi Shankaracharya's debate with Madan Mishra is well known. Having defeated the learned Mishra, his wife stepped into the debate and knowing Adi to be a celibate posed a question on Love and intimacy ( which was one of the branches of knowledge). Adi Shankara being pure from birth was at a loss. He took grace time of 30 days to get understanding on this subject.

A King by the name Amarukan, had just passed away. Before the Kings body could be cremated, Adi adapted his body and knowing that karma is connected only with the body and not with the spirit which is only a witness, he gathered all knowledge on the subject of love and intimacy in only 3 days by playing the role of a householder with the queens. He dedicated the rest of this time to serving the kingdom.

The first person to observe that there was something different about the King was his favourite Queen. 

One day she approached him and said “ There is something different about you my Lord!” 

Adi Shankaracharya replied “ How do you mean O Queen?”

The Queen said “ Previously you would always enjoy my company and the intimacy we shared. We would look forward to being in each others presence and being personal as a couple. But now you somehow seem distant and aloof. I wish to be intimate with you, hug you and show my love, but you act as if you are a stranger.”

Adi smiled at the queen in understanding and replied “ O Queen, tell me - When you say you would like to embrace me, who do you mean by me? Who do you think I am? This body that you see or the Soul within?”

The Queen was surprised by this line of thought.

The King replied “ If you think I am this body that you would like to love and hug, I assure you that if I were to leave this body and die, this body would scare you and you would have it removed from your presence to be cremated just as you did a few days back.”

The Queen looked on pondering over his words.

“ But if you think I am a soul then I am beyond your body and form to love or hug. To love me you too would have to rise above your body and be awaken in your soul consciousness. Only then can you and I truly meet, truly love and embrace.”

Adi Shankaracharya stayed in the Kings body for 21 days. It is said that in those 21 days he brought great reforms in the kingdom. He used most of His resources in empowering and educating the people of his kingdom. 
As for the Queen, following their discussion and his subsequent demise, She became a saint.


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