Saturday, September 1, 2012

Overcoming Fear – A step towards the Golden Age

Whatever it is that you fear, take your mind away from it and leave it to God.
Have faith in Him. Much suffering is due simply to worry. Why suffer now when
the malady has not yet come?  : Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

A few days back a friend was sharing with me her problems and happened to mention her fear of the expansive desert region, near which she stays.  I was inspired to impress on her that she needed to confront this fear and any other fears she knows she has, as this is essential for her growth, especially in these times.

Later I wondered why I said that. In the following days I got 3 different messages authenticating this very information. 

An Ascended Master’s message said that unless we confront and overcome our fears we will not be able to vibrate high enough to meet the standards of the coming Golden Age. From two other sources I learned that these fears being 3rd dimensional in nature must be left behind or overcome for any inner progress to take place. They cannot be carried along into the new age. They further advised that all those seeking Ascension during this shift must resort to introspection and then root out any fear based issues within us. This cannot be stressed enough!


Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that all negativities within emerge from Fear and all varieties of goodness and virtues emerge from Love. When a person is in the state of fear, his inner system short circuits, disconnecting him from his divinity. 

When I looked within to see if I had any pending issues I needed to take care of, I was reminded of certain occurrences during my sadhana which sought my attention and needed to be healed.

Every now and then I go on retreats where a few of us engage in spiritual practices for longer periods of time. I noticed that most times when I am able to go deep within, I am confronted with troublesome issues of the past which I had conveniently buried away.  I wondered why these issues would emerge just then when I was in a state of great peace. On one occasion one such issue got to me and I felt like I had turned into a volcano of anger. Probably my inability to deal with this fear and resorting to inner anger gave this fear the required energy because unfortunately for me, a year later, this fear materialized out of the blue, totally unexpectedly, making me face the lowest point of my life. 

A few months back during another long meditation, about 4 hours into it, some other past fear-based issue emerged causing me great distress. Thankfully this time divine understanding came along.


I was made to realize that because I had buried these problems within the subconscious, every time I went deep into meditation I would confront these problems which sought solutions without which I would not be able/allowed to progress further. 

I was made to realize that this is not a curse but could be a boon. Unlike last time where I let my ego envelop me in anger; this time I should look at the problem as an opportunity to raise myself higher and from that state seek solution to the problem.

I was made to realize that it is a folly to think that to solve the issue I would need to confront the person or situation causing it. They have NOTHING to do with the issue. In truth I needed to confront myself as the issue is a part of my life because my own karmas permitted it; there is a vital lesson hidden therein, which my soul needs in order to learn and evolve.  As such I must take total responsibility and not feel like a victim, which is ego’s way of escape. Loving acceptance is the first step towards healing.

I was made to realize that the problem need not materialize at the physical level if I could mentally deal with it with a sense of equanimity and loving understanding.

Yesterday I read something from a book called Inner Experiences, which describes the wonderful states of an evolved soul by the name Dolly Baile. Imagine my excitement when I read the following:
"’Develop equal mindedness’. Baba (Her Guru and Inner guide) made her imagine all sorts of good and bad things that could happen to her, happen to our family, house, money etc. and see if and how she could handle it with equanimity.”

Here her Guru is helping her deal with life issues at a mental level! Exactly what I had felt within. The moment I read this I began connecting the dots and was convinced that I was meant to learn this lesson to help myself and perhaps others in the process. I began writing this note so that the few out there (I know many may not resonate with such information) could use this knowledge to their advantage.


“Look fear in the face, and it will cease to trouble you.”  Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri.

Any fears that come to capture our attention, wants either to take us in its fold, or engage us in a fight of resistance. In either case it succeeds in taking our peace of mind away. If we refuse to give in or engage in a fight, but in a state of calm  detachment confront, accept and lovingly bless the problem... we will find inner victory.

Any issues that cause us fears, anger, hurt, guilt, hatred, humiliation etc are not so much a battle between you and a person or a situation; but is a battle between your ego and your soul. The moment you are able to interpret this and view the problem from the souls perspective of Oneness and Love, the doors of solutions effortlessly open up.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that leads towards inner healing. This information I received from the Source during the lowest point of my life that I have mentioned above. To recall it briefly:

At a time when I was overwhelmed by an inner avalanche of dark negative emotions that threatened to eat all my sanity away, I found this gentle light within asking me ‘to forgive’. I was indignant!  How could I forgive someone who put me in such a state? The gentle voice then said that ‘forgiveness was not for that person, it was for my own benefit. What that person did was his own karma, what I suffer is mine.. by forgiving I am saying that I am willing to let go in peace this issue which I have caused.  Then and only then can healing begin.’

There are certain fears which are deeply rooted and cannot be dealt with easily. To those who are victims to such fears I strongly recommend the book ‘Cutting the ties that bind’ by Phyllis Krystal.

Mrs. Krystal, a venerable lady of 96 shared that all the information within the book was received by her from inner guidance from a source she refers to as Higher Consciousness or High C, who also told her that ‘this is  new knowledge for the new age’. This book contains very simple yet powerful symbols using which a variety of mental/emotional problems can be effectively dealt with. I myself practice these symbols and find them highly effective.
Another simple tool is the Ho’ponopono technique of Hawai as introduced in the book Zero Limits.  The book shares that because the world we see and experience is created by us through our personal perspective, something which the Vedas endorse “Yatha drishti, tatha Shristi” ‘as is your view so is the world you see’; we must also accept and take responsibility for all the fears we experience. The solution to these problems, it explains, is in 4 very simple steps. Tell yourself:

1.   I am sorry (taking ownership of the problem that comes to your awareness and thus apologizing for it.)

2.    Forgive me

3.  I love you (this is the highest tool to seek healing for the problem. Lack of self love is the root cause of all problems)

4.   Thank you

Please try this and you will be surprised how powerful these simple steps are.
I hope those who resonate with this message will make every effort to, first introspect, then identify any fear that you have buried within, and finally deal with such fears by confronting them with Love. Remember this subconscious ‘cleansing’ is an important exercise which can prepare you for the coming times of Ascension into the Golden Age.


  1. SAI RAM! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I believe Swami led me here.
    Ahh-mazing topics you tackle and this one holds very dearly to me. You write so practically and dig deep in a very understandable manner, because you write from pure experience and love.
    Thank you so much and keep going. You are answering many vital questions that haunt many of us. Swami indeed writes through you! \m/

    1. Thank you very very much.

      Loving Sairam

  2. I have read and reread this article so many times especially when I have to face my fears. Thank you for this wonderful service.

  3. Enjoying your blog..after i heard you on Souljourns and read your experience at Mohans world...thank you...

  4. Thank you for beautiful post. Very helpful in the insights it provided. Keep writing such posts to spread good knowledge.


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