Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 – A Different Perspective

Beyond 2012

Many people today are interested in the events that will precede and follow December 21st, 2012. Mass media such as 2012 the movie, websites which promote end of the world scenarios, and well-intentioned but misinformed documentaries often promote fear-based information about what might happen around this date. Below are excerpts from some new information which we will be soon posted to our website. We hope that this provides a different, more loving viewpoint on this great shift.

2012 – A Different Perspective

Imagine an Observer whose entire life experience is that of a mother's womb. This Observer has been watching a small baby grow from the size of a fertilized egg into a tiny human being whom he has come to love and cherish. With great joy, and a bit of attachment, he watches as each tiny feature of this new human takes shape. Every now and then the Observer hears sounds coming from somewhere above but does not understand what they are or from where they come. The Observer's friends say that there is a grand world outside this womb, a place that is very different from the one in which they dwell. But our observer has never been anywhere outside this womb. To his thinking, this speculation about a world outside the womb is nothing more than imagination.One day a series of great events begin to take place. The entire womb begins to shake - slowly and irregularly at first, then with increasing force and frequency. The Observer is tossed this way and that, not understanding what is happening. Suddenly, a great whooshing sound is heard and all the water within the womb is drained away. The shaking increases in force and to his horror, the observer sees that the baby - everything that he has known and cherished - is being pushed out of the womb by a great unknown force. The movement is slow at first, but increases in speed with each great shaking of the womb. The observer watches in horror as first baby's head, and then her entire body disappears into a dark tunnel out of the womb.Everything that the Observer has ever known is gone. Its world has come to an end.On the other side the baby emerges into a world of tremendous light. An immensely happy mother and father joyfully welcome their new child into the world. Word is quickly sent outside the birthing room, where delighted grandparents, siblings, and friends celebrate the arrival of the new child. The doctor and nurse grin at each other, a job well done. A new soul has been born.

The Birth of the Golden Age

Our beloved Mother Earth's passage through 2012 marks the birth of a grand Golden age.However, the ending of the Kali yuga (the current age in which we live) and the onset of the Golden Age – or Sat yuga – will occur in a gradual, progressive manner. Thus, December 22, 2012 is unlikely to be markedly different from December 21, 2012.To our perception, it is analogous to switching on or off a ceiling fan. The fan does not reach full speed or come to a complete stop once the switch is flipped. Rather, it takes some time for the momentum of the fan to change. The transition to the Sat yuga will occur in a similar manner. True, some changes will occur suddenly and dramatically. However, the majority of the changes that are to occur will take place over several decades, with major transition points occurring again in 2018 and approximately 2030. As the Devas had shared with us in our last newsletter, "Anything that is based on dishonesty, lies, or cheating will simply go away."

The True Golden Age

"The true Golden Age in man begins when each one realizes the Divinity within himself."  - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Thus, what determines the advent of the Golden age is not a particular date or time. Rather,it is a change in the consciousness of each individual. To our perception, the recipe for this high level of consciousness (commonly referred to as ascension) is very simple and can be summarized in a few words:

- Constant unconditional love.
- Constant selfless service.
- Constant integrated awareness (the awareness that everything is One). 


Love n Light to all..

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