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The Golden Age - Switching to the Full Alert Mode

Post the Dec 21st timeline, the already rapidly moving time has pressed the fast forward button and we will find the train of our lives accelerating towards the point of change where the tracks diverge into 2 - continuing in the 3rd dimensional track or switch to the 5th dimensional track. We have reached a crucial juncture where conscious choices will have to be made in every moment every action of our life; where we can no longer afford to ' take it easy ' .

We have to switch to the Full Alert mode.


Majority of the people on earth are still unaware of the changes taking place around them. Many feel that life is just the same as it was a decade ago. On the other hand many sensitive souls have been awakening more and more to these changes on the higher spiritual levels. More of such people talk about opening up to newer awareness, of communing with the devic / angellic realms, of receiving greater inner guidance form their higher selves and messages of love received from beings and Masters in the higher dimensions.

So why such disparity?

This can be explained with an example. 

All of us live lives as if enclosed in a room. Many of us are too engrossed watching the worldly TV or working on the worldly 3D pc's - All this while the doors and windows of our rooms are closed keeping us unaware of the changes happening outside. 
The sensitive souls are those who have opened the windows of their rooms and can look outside. They are now noticing the night turn to dawn and express the same. Whereas the majority sitting inside their closed rooms feel there is no change and life is just as it always was because they are unaware of whats happening outside.


Everyone knows the virtues of a good diet and exercises in keeping the body healthy, yet many lead an unhealthy lifestyle, until ill health catches up and only when we reach a critical or emergency stage, do we seriously adhere to the rules of health and exercise religiously.

Lets just say that even in terms of Ascension, we have reached that critical / emergency stage, where we can no longer dilly dally or let our minds come up with excuses or let our lives be on the Auto - pilot mode.

It is time to WALK THE TALK.

We have to switch to the Full Alert mode. No longer can our efforts be limited to a couple of hours in the morning and evening towards our spiritual efforts. This has to be a full time, 24x7 effort. Every moment of our lives, every action, every word uttered has to reflect our efforts towards Ascension. To live in Constant Integrated Awareness is the need of the hour.


..of your third dimensional (3D) mentality which may be telling you even now that all this is difficult or impossible.

Ascension is not a state you need to achieve. You are already Ascended. All you have to do is let go of all the 3D traits. We dont need to climb the ladder of Ascension. We are like a hot air balloon ready to float higher and higher. Only the weights of the 3D personality of ego, fear, anger, greed, desire, guilt, judgements are holding us down. Let go of them and you will naturally go higher. So do not be fooled by the mind which says this is tough.

Be bold, Be adventurous, Be heroic.

Also under no circumstance should you entertain fears in your heart; fear of being left behind or missing out. Any effort made out of fear is self defeating, as fear by its nature will pull you to 3D consciousness. You are Divine - have and ever will be. You can never be left behind. Some people wake early, some wake late... but everyone awakens one time or another as no one can sleep for ever. It is impossible. So act from the state of Love.


The current times can be considered as an Ascension entrance exam. Majority of humanity is unaware of this exam and are utterly unprepared. Amongst the handful of humanity that are aware of this, many are preparing themselves, though a lot of them are taking it easy, and from the understanding i receive only a few will make it through this time. But that does not mean doors closed for the rest.

Those who will Awaken or Ascend will then play a significant role in helping their brothers and sisters in awakening and preparing for the next Ascension timeline. There are other important timelines post Dec 21st, 2012, which will propel earth into higher dimensional frequencies. I have learned that the years 2014-15, 2018 and 2022 leading to 2035 are important time markers.

When we are sleeping in a dorm amongst many others, if some people wake up early in the morning - a ripple effect takes place - Their awakening leads to other sleeping souls being disturbed and helps awaken them too. So also the awakening/ascending of these few souls will lead to them helping others to awaken.


The one essential practice that we all should make an effort towards is - Shifting our conscious awareness from the body-ego state of name, form, personality, age, sex, nationality, religion, social standing etc etc to the state of Oneness / Atma awareness.

This is a basic yet most important shift from the 3rd dimensional state of ' I - ME' to 5th dimensional state of ' US - WE' . Breaking through the personality barriers surrounding us is of vital importance as this will naturally lead to mastering other 5D states. When we see ourselves us Atma consciousness we will not longer relate to others in the world as my friend, my family, my enemy, my neighbour etc. We will look upon all as an extension of our Atma selves. From that Atmic consciousness the only thing that will come out of us - will be of Love; be it action, thought or word.

At this point in time so many tools of ascension are being made available that sometimes we become confused as to what we should follow. Many fear that by not following some technique or some meditation we may be missing out on something. Never hold fear. Trust God. What is best for you will be made available through some mode or another. Remember that beings in the higher realms are working overtime to give us support at this crucial hour. Amongst all the tools available follow only those which you resonate with and which you think leads you to greatest progress.The ancients in every culture left us with important tools to progress spiritually. We can take to such tools to help our efforts. 

In my own understanding I have learned that Vedic mantras such as Rudram as extremely potent and effective in converting negative energies to positive energies. Furthermore recently during a meditation, I was made aware of the potency of the Gayatri mantra in aiding the Ascension effort.

Ascension is about increasing our inner light quotient; what better tool then the mother of all mantras - the Gayatri - which is a prayer to the cosmic Divine Light to illuminate us to our effulgent Divine nature. Gayatri is non-denominational as the Sun, the presiding deity of this mantra, is non denominational - and so can be used by anyone.

I pray that all of humanity awaken to the truth that We Are Divine and may our lives be filled with Joy, love and laughter - AND SO IT IS!!

Love and Light

  A crop circle representing the soul group

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  2. so softly and aptly written ! Yes 'Constant Integrated Awareness' is the need of the hour.
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