Friday, June 8, 2012

The New Symptoms of Ascension - 2.0

A wife was worried about her husbands eating habits. Not only had he steadily gained too much weight, he also constantly complained of aches around his chest and stomach among other parts of his body.  Out of a sense of duty as a wife, she thought she should speak to her husband asking him to mend his ways towards healthy living.

The husband sat Buddhalike listening to his wife’s loving yet pleading suggestions. As she finished, he laughed out loud, leading his surprised wife to the internet and showing her an article on Symptoms of Ascensions. A puzzled wife looked at him wondering what he was driving at. The husband then exclaimed “Don’t you see dear one.. I am not unhealthy.. I am Ascending!!”

As the New age energies flood the earth it is natural for people to feel the effect of the energies at the physical level. What is funny is how people in all sincerity feel that the physical symptoms are the key, if not the only, signs of Ascension.

The Devas through devasunlimited share that the true ascension will be inner, from a dense to a Devic consciousness.  So, do not seek a Golden age outside, uncover the Golden Age within. The heaven outside will be a reflection of the paradise within. Hence the Vedic saying  “Yatha Drishti, tatha Srishti” - as is your view, so is your world! Not the state of your body, but the state of your consciousness will be a better indicator of Ascension.

I thought it would be a fun idea to write a new list of symptoms of ascension, perhaps with the added help of my friends reading this note.  Here goes:

Inner Symptoms of Ascension –

1. Omnipresence :  The overwhelming feeling that ‘God is everywhere and everything.’  Not just in fellow humans or suffering beings, not only in animals and plants but even inanimate things. Even the hard and dusty floor and walls or the wooden cabinet or this computer; sitting in front of which for  too long may spoil your eyes! As Sri Paramahansa Yogananda once wrote “A marble floor on which I stood one day thrilled me because of Thy presence within it.”  This feeling of Omnipresence naturally leads to a state of…

2. Being a Witness : Sometimes while walking through a crowded street I often find my I taking a back seat and becoming just a witness to the chaotic panorama of which I too am a part, to whose chaos I too contribute. I witness my ego err, I witness my fears, I witness my efforts, I witness my little joys and victories, I witness the dramas of life around me,  I witness this dream called life, and it leads me to an inner feeling of..

3. Oneness :  Like thousands of leaves to a tree, like millions of waves to an ocean, we are all rooted in the One I. As such each being is a variety of yourself. When you think you hate someone, you hate an aspect of yourself; and when you Love someone you…

4. Love All : The most important and telling symptom. A feeling of true causeless love. You don’t  just love someone or something; rather sometimes even if for the briefest of seconds you become Love.  As such you don’t reason, judge or measure to love; there is no effort involved in sharing or giving.. You become love itself and life rejoices in you.

5. Acceptance : Every aspect of life flowing towards you, good or bad, becomes easy to accept. Because you understand that God in His wisdom choose those experiences for you, to make you grow, to awaken you in your true self. You look forward to the day in excitement wondering what He has in store for you, and then whatever comes you accept it with faith and surrender, Love and..

6. Gratitude :  One of the most wonderful and beneficial feelings to live with. A sense of Gratitude for all that was, is and will be. Always breathe in love and breathe out Gratitude.

7. Ego : You become aware of your ego at work. You realize and recognize it even as it raises its sometimes ugly head in so called justified self defense. This is not just the arrogant ego but also the subtle ego, the humble ego and the most dangerous one – the spiritual Ego, which in the guise of utter pious humility, poisons the fruits of every spiritual effort you make.
Yet you also realise the place ego has in our lives. Sri Paramahansa Yogananda once shared with His disciples that when in the state of Cosmic consciousness, it sometimes becomes difficult for Him to know who He is amongst the millions of bodies that He feels at once across the universe. Hence ego is a tool that helps us be aware of our individuality.

8. New, speedy lessonsOne will notice that wisdom comes to you in abundance from known, unknown and inner sources. An inner-voice ever guides me on what to accept as beneficial for the soul and what to ignore as transitory. Something exciting that I may have learned on a day very quickly becomes old news as newer lessons await me.

9. Inner Guidance : There is this wise guiding voice within that is not at my beck and call but will make its presence felt when least expected. Not when I am in turmoil, panic or fear do I hear it; but ever in the state of calm it speaks to me through my own reasons. It gently guides, encourages or even pushes me towards something that I ought to do (including writing this note). It ever shows me the true way and disappears when I am keen to hold my own. It is never Pro-me, ever Pro-right! I feel this inner Guidance getting stronger with time.

These are not states that one may live in 24x7, yet their momentary presence in us overwhelms the ordinary states that we usually dwell in.

There are other souls who may experience other symptoms and hopefully someone will be willing to add to the list for the benefit of us all! 

So – Wakey, wakey, Rise and Shine!!

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  1. I went through the same steps little-little in the last one year, without being told physically by any one, except for one item by Amma. Amma and Baba's grace. Sairam.


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