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The Golden Age - An understanding 2

Coming back to the Golden Age - If the coming year is about moving into a Golden Age then what about all the apocalypse and destruction prophecies associated with 2012?

Lets understand this with the help of an example.
Lets say you have a house which is old and in dire need of renovation. Now when you do renovate the house, a lot of the old structure may have to be broken down in order to facilitate the renovations. Also there will be many old and useless things which do not go along with the new look of the house. Such things will be discarded or thrown out. Such actions are necessary without which your house will continue remaining old. So would you call this apocalyptic destruction or renovation for the new and better?

Look at the world around you - our economic, political, social, educational systems are extremely weak, corrupted and poor and leave a lot to be desired. Unless we bring drastic changes in all the 'systems' we live in, the Golden age cannot manifest. Changes, which most people fear as apocalyptic, will be needed to root out the old and bring in the new. These changes may  lead to loss of some lives and destruction's, but they also play an important role in cleansing our consciousness. The changes have already been happening, much before the feared 2012, in form of earthquakes, tsunami's, wars, terrorist attacks and hurricanes the world over. Look into the last decade and you will see how many of these calamities we have already undergone. We not only witnessed the death and destruction that took place in Japan, but in a way we lived it too through the sufferings of our fellow souls. Such events are like a wake up call to all humanity forcing it to examine its existence and actions.

Those who want to hold on to the imperfections of the 3D world  may view 2012 as some apocalypse. To those who look forward to ascending to their Higher selves, the same 2012 is a gateway to Paradise. Its all about how you choose to see it.

Another question in regards to this is - Will all of humanity ascend to the Fifth Dimension?

Fact is the opportunity is available to each soul present here on earth. It depends on the individual whether he / she takes it or not. At this stage majority people of the world are quite lost in the delusions of the third dimension and do not seem ready to make this necessary shift.

Let us understand it like this - Think of humanity living in the kali yuga like people living in the dark night. Because there is darkness around, most are unable to see the truth, unable to see the dirt and filth around them or even on them, but continue living in errors, evils and faults. Now if these people were told that something known as a bright sunlight is going to come upon them, not all may want to embrace this change, specially those who are too comfortable with the darkness of the night and the evils it permits.Many may look forward with relief to the coming dawn, but others not willing to face the bright rays may wish to hide in some dark cave to continue living the way they wish. There may also be many who although may wish to see the sunlight, may not be ready or able to bear the fierce, bright rays.

All souls who do not choose to be a part of this change will be given an opportunity to continue living in another 3 dimensional world like the earth. The wise have mentioned though, that the next such opportunity may be available to humanity only after a period of some 25000 yrs - a Mahayuga.

As we near the Golden Age many feel that the world is entering into more and more darkness instead of shedding light because they see more and more evil and corruption around them. This infact, is the sign of the coming new age. Fact is this evil and corruption always existed but couldn't be seen. As the first light of the new age dawns, it reveals these evils which were hidden in the kali age. And so we see revolutions around the world taking place against them, whether it is in Egypt or the Anna hazare movement in India, or the Wall street movement in the US.

In order for humanity to be a part of the Golden Age, not only must we be willing to give up our old baggage s of faults and errors that we have been living with all this time, but we must be willing to embrace the idea of living selflessly in love and cooperation with Mother earth, our fellow humans, plants and animals, and our souls.

So what will the Golden age be like?

Whereas one cannot use the 3rd dimensional mental faculties to perfectly gauge and measure life in the higher age, some aspects do make themselves clear.

Issac Tigrett said ' In the Golden Age, humanity will move from - I & ME  to US & WE.'  To live in I & Me is living in contraction, to live in US & WE is living in expansion. Think about it - if humanity at large does live in the US & WE consciousness, we may not need the police system or the military system or the Judicial system or even the banking system. No laws or rules constantly binding us. The one force we all will be answerable to is our own Conscience. That in itself is a drastic change from our current style of living.

The spiritual texts say that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The chaos and clutter we presently see without is a reflection of the collective stress and fear consciousness that humanity has within. If our innerworld evolves to pure levels where we dwell in the expansive US & WE state, the outer world too will reflect our inner beauty back to us by taking on a wondrous form that we have heard or read about in myths and fairy tales. It is also said that mind is the wielder of the muscles or the body. Our bodies too are expected to evolve to become almost diseaseless and perfect. Our DNA is to upgrade from the current 2 strands to 12 strand DNA. Greater abilities, which we currently consider paranormal or which only few people are blessed with, will become part of everyday living.

Master Duono, a Belgium mystic, described the coming times  in 1917 :

 “When we enter [the New Epoch], we will be as free as those who are our Advanced Brothers: the Angels, the Archangels, the Cherubim and the Seraphim..In that new age, everyone “will have such freedom as when God first gave it to them.” ...The inner wealth, the knowledge which a person possesses, will be available to all. Now you are provided with air, light and water. One day the bread too will be given to you like the air, the water and the light. …In the new Order, everything old will disappear and all things will be completely new. …Somebody may say, ‘When we are perfect, what will we do?’ -- We will then begin to live! 

So, if you are wondering - what should we do now to be part of this grand change? The answer simply may be to look within yourself and acknowledge and let go of all those traits, habits and other baggage s which you may have created to help you deal with or rather survive in this third dimensional world. Renounce your arrogance or over sensitivities, the fault findings or the self loathing, the superiority or inferiority complexes,  your grudges, hurts, judgements, fears, hatred or vengeance. Just as even one hair sticking out of a thread will prevent it from entering into the eye of the needle, so also any one of the 3 dimensional flaws will prevent our ascension. Let go of them all, for they have no place in the Golden Age.

Love all, serve all, Help ever, Hurt never.

The wise have said "The Golden age will dawn within us. We need not wait for 2012. If we give up our emotional baggage and clutter today we will find ourselves already living in the Golden Age. We are at the crossroad where numerous old issues reach their crisis point. All of these issues are specifically designed to help push us through, to bring us to the point of having a quantum breakthrough. The key is : dealing with your mind, which will tell you again and again that its difficult, impossible or that you are right to hold on to your pains and grudges. Beware of it and let go.."

A final thought.

This world is Maya or illusion. As such, the concept of the Golden Age is also part of this illusion. But it is an important part which enables us to peep through this illusion to help realise our reality. Our aim in life, is not just the Golden age. The true aim of every soul is Self Realisation.
In 2010 i met a highly evolved soul named Johnima, who shared something very important. He said that the time between now and the emergence of the Golden age is the most precious and best time to perform our sadhana (spiritual practices) for self realisation as all the effort put in now will yield immense returns. Once we enter the Golden age, our sadhana may not bear as many fruits as they did in the Kali age.
To understand this we may take the example of a gym. We go to the gym and work on heavy weights which cause us pain and stress, but then lead us to getting healthier and stronger muscles. Being in the kaliyuga was like going to such a gym as life in the Kali yuga was heavy. Because life in the Golden age will be 'light' we will be required to make more efforts spiritually to get the results that being in the kali age would have brought us.

We are on the brink of a change, and the little time we have left is precious. It is almost like the train waiting on the platform - ready to leave anytime, while some of us are half asleep on the station. We need to wake up and Now.

May God fill all lives with Love, Light and Laughter.


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