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The Golden Age - An understanding 1

Change is the only constant known to humanity. This change, in a way keeps us going, or rather evolving - preventing us from being stagnant. Every day we see this change as night changes to dawn, dawn to noon, noon to evening and night comes again. In the bigger picture we see summer turn to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and the cycle continues.

In our current state of development we understand and accept changes pertaining to what we see daily or yearly. Perhaps that’s because our own lifespan of an average of 60 odd years, mentally permits us only that range. But there is a bigger concept of time known to most ancient cultures of the world. In Hindu science it is known as Yugas.

Just as we have 4 different seasons over the span of a year, which affect us on the physical level, in the larger picture of the Yugas too we have 4 different phases which affect us at our Consciousness level. So we have the darkest age called the Kali Yuga where mankind is almost completely out of touch with the divinity latent within and the dependence is absolutely on the 5 senses and ego/mind. A step higher is the Dwapara Yuga or the bronze age – here the intellect functions at a higher level to about approximately 25 – 50% of its capacity. Then comes the silver or Treta Yuga, where again we function at a much higher level – in about 50 – 75% of our capabilities. Finally we have the Golden Age, the Sat Yuga where we become the humans we were intended to be. Godlike. ( A  better understanding of the Yugas  and how and why do they affect our consciousness can be understood from the book  The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri.)

Thus the concept of the Golden Age is not of a magical or mystical nature. It is a natural event.

Most of us have heard all kinds of stuff about 2012. Some don’t believe it, some accept it and the majority fear it. How is this 2012 related with the Golden Age? According to the mayan calendar and even the western astrology, when the earth enters 2012 it enters the Age of Aquarius, it enters the era of the Golden Age.

So what does that mean – come 2012 the world will suddenly become a paradise?

Nature always has a gradual way of transiting from one phase of time to another. Just as night dosent change to noon in a second, or winter dosent change into summer in a day, so also we will not just transit into the Golden age from our current dark age, merely in a years time.

When we think Pacific ocean we think of its deep waters. If we were to go to a beach in Hawai and dip our feet on the shores, technically we would be in the pacific ocean, although the real pacific ocean is miles away and miles deep then the ankle deep water we are standing in – nevertheless we are in the pacific ocean. So also 2012 is the beginning point of the Golden Age, and it is from here that we leave behind the old and embrace the new.

In our own solar system when the earth moves closer to the sun we get the summer season, and away from it we get the winter season. We know that the moon has a duel in earth around which it revolves, the earth has a duel in the sun around which it revolves, Similarly the sun has a duel in another star system in our galaxy around which it revolves along with our whole solar system. This star has its duel in the central sun of our galaxy. In the Hindu scripture this central sun is known also as the Seat of Brahma or the Vishnunabhi. ( The navel of Lord Vishnu )

Now when the sun along with its planets, while revolving around its duel, goes closest to this Central sun - we enter the Golden age. When we are the furthest away from it, we go in the Kali Yuga.( More details in ' The Holy Science' )

Whereas our sun emits light and heat, the Central sun emits light which is capable of elevating consciousness.

At this point it is necessary to understand the concept of Dimensions.

Dimensions are frequencies of existence more than spaces of existence is the best way i can describe it.

We know that everything around us is energy vibrating at different rates. So on the First dimension we have the Individual pranic energy and Mineral Kingdom. In the second we have the Plant kingdom. In the third dimension we have the Animal kingdom and our Human life. In the 4-5th dimensions we have Humans of a much higher evolution. The 6-10th dimensions have the Angelic and Ascended masters realms. The 11- 14th dimensions have Beings beyond our human comprehension.
Beyond the 14th dimension is God, the dimensionless Absolute.
This is a very basic understanding of the different dimensions, given here only to understand them in context to the Golden Age.

As the earth enters the Golden age, it will ascend from a 3rd dimensional place of existence to the 5th dimension. This provides a rare opportunity for us humans to evolve along with it. The wise say that it is for this reason that the earth is over populated with 7 billion souls most of who knowing of the coming opportunity came to earth from amongst the countless other souls who wished to be here too, to use this rare opportunity to evolve themselves. Some say that coming to earth at this point in time is like winning a lottery ticket.

If we look at the world around us, most seem to be in ignorance of these facts, which is to be expected as when we take on a human form our abilities to perceive truth becomes dense owing to our dependence solely on the limited senses and intellect. But as much as many souls don't recall this fact; there are very many who do. These souls are evolved enough to keep traces of memory within them in different proportions to help them know their purpose of coming on earth. Majority of these people embrace a spiritual life or principles early on in life. They are more spiritual beings then religious people. Some of them may not appear to act spiritual as conventionally understood but they live in the highest principles. Many of these souls know that they have incarnated not only to evolve along with the earth, but infact to help the process of earths ascension, by bringing light through their loving actions and right living. Such souls are broadly known as Lightworkers. Although they are fully human, many of them have memories of being from another life system in the universe like Pleadians, Venusians, Acturians etc. Many also are aware of their being from higher 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions.

I am aware of many such beings who not only remember who or where they were from in their past, but many also remember their roles on earth in previous lifetimes, even during the Mahabharata and Ramayana periods (Indian sacred texts).  I was made aware of myself being a lightworker and I know that many who read this are also such souls who have come to bring light on earth at this crucial time even though they have no recollection of this.

I am encouraged to add that none of us must use this to think higher or lower of themselves or others. The one fact is that every living, non living being has its roots in the One God and as such higher or lower dimension, lightworker or not - all are the same, all are Atma, all are love.



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  1. Hello all,

    to those who have some comments or questions to pose regarding this matter or just want further discussion on this topic may leave a comment on this page itself rather than mail me as it will benefit other readers too..

    Thank you,
    God bless you

  2. Hello Yogi,

    How does one know whether he/she is a light worker.I'm looking for conclusive Yes/No kind of an answer..I have read a few articles which mentions a range of symptoms/behaviour patterns.Also intersting to note that Lightworkers are not aware they are actually one.Why so??

    1. Dear Nagadeep,

      Thank you for your question. There are two aspects to the answer to this question.
      1. A person knows from the heart, his intent and actions that he is a lightwkrker. It is a life calling where you give priority to the idea of spreading light and fighting darkness above any other calling in life.
      2. Lightworker is only a label. A true lightworker does not get caught up with labels but prefers quietly doing his/her work not caring whether he is being accepted within the given label by anyone. To that extent every true spiritual master and their sincere followers are Lightworkers. It is not an exclusive breed of human. The term was coined primarily to identify people who are born within the last few decades as perhaps indigoes or crystals specifically to work towards the new age shift.

      I know many who like to call themselves as indigo's or light workers as it feeds their sense of ego but in actions are poor examples of human beings. So its about the action not the label.

      Hope that answers your question. :)


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