Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Eternal Swami

I remember a time when if we had any problems, the solution would be a bus ride away. We would reach Brindavan or Prashanti Nilayam and sit in darshans. Swami would come and in His own sweet, unique way invariably solve our problems.

I dont have to give examples, each one reading this note will have plenty of them in their own lives.

But then, unexpectedly Swami left His form. Despite being aware of His infinite nature, somewhere deep within we all wondered - What now? The form had become His Formless Self, but most of us remained the same. We continued to live in this world, filled with problems, challenges and troubles. Where would we go now?

Perhaps Uncle and Aunty thought the same. Uncle has been the Convener of our samiti for many years now. He served as an Air marshal in the Indian Air force and after retirement became an active seva dal member. Aunty, a teacher, also was ever actively involved in samiti matters.

This time when i returned home i learnt the sad news that uncle had serious kidney problems for which he needed constant dialysis and aunty too had been diagnosed with cancer. The option of taking the bus ride to meet the Divine Form was no more.

Today, after our Thursday Bhajans Sri Sai Deepak, a devotee shared some incidents.

About 2 weeks back he had received Swami's robe through a friend. A couple of days back Swami inwardly asked him to take the robe to a certain devotees house where many manifestations happen.

Sri Deepak called them, took time and went there with Swami's robe.
They asked him to place the robe near Swami's picture. Deepak said that he had to spread the robe. They got a sheet and spread it upon which the robe was spread.

After some time they generally stepped out of the house to have a cup of coffee.. About 15 mins later  when they returned back and opened the door, they saw this :

The robe had been sprinkled with vibhuti.. but what was more amazing was that the left arm of the robe had been moved ( see vibhuti fingerprints on the left arm ) as well as the left hem of the robe!

Ring a bell?

Whenever Swami wanted to bless someone with padnamaskar, He would lift a bit of His robe to offer His feet for the namaskar. And thats what we see here. Whats more.. Swami has even written His blessings on the robe :

With Love, Baba

Everyone who witnessed this was overjoyed. Sri Deepak folded the robe keeping the vibhuti inside it and went home. But the grace dosen't end there..

The following morning while Sri Deepak was taking a shower, he heard clear instructions from Swami telling Him that the vibhuti was for ......... & his wife ( Uncle and Aunty ). Sri Deepak then told us that he called up Uncles house and Aunty picked up the phone. This Aunty is one of the most liveliest persons i have met. But Sri Deepak shared that as he spoke with her, he received a very lifeless and muted response, until he told her that Swami had told him to give the vibhuti to the ailing couple. Thats when Aunty burst out crying.. She sobbed, emptying her hearts anguish in wake of this Divine Grace from the One, who reached out to His children from what seems to us as the beyond.

After Bhajan, the robe was spread before us and i got the privileged task of collecting the vibhuti from the robe. As Uncle received this Divine gift we could see the deep emotional gratitude on His face.. and each one of us gathered there felt blessed to be a witness of this Divine Grace..

Seemed to me as if Swami was telling us : " Why fear when I am here!" .
And HE IS here!   .. sisters and brothers...

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