Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Origin of Shambala and the Seven rays

The following fascinating account was related by the Rishiworker Sri Ambarishi in Amaravani.

This event took place approximately one hundred and twenty two million years ago, when the Chakshusha Manavantara period or the 6th hour of Brahma came to a close there was a great deluge. The earth was covered with water. The mountain loka alone was unaffected by this pralaya.

Blessed with an eternal life, Maharishi Markandeya survived this pralaya. As the water did not recede over a period of ten thousand years, the rishi decided to go around the earth in search of any living being that might have survived the deluge.

On day during his search, he was surprised to find a blue baby floating on a leaf in the waters. He went near the baby and discovered from certain indications and marks on its body that the little child was none other then Mahavishnu. The Rishi praised and prayed to the Lord and Sri Vishnu appeared before him in His divine cosmic form. The Lord told him that the waters would soon recede and land would appear in that place again. He told the Rishi that the place should be occupied by Rishis in the future and to see that certain selected people of earth are allowed to enter that place so they conform to the rules and conditions of this divine place. So blessing the Rishi, the Lord departed.

Very soon land appeared. Markendaya Maharishi called it SHYAMA (Blue) BALA (Baby) Dweepa (Island). As more land appeared this Shyambala was no longer a dweepa or island. The adjoining land was named Gopi Shyama (Modern day Gobi desert). Soon more land appeared and newer civilisations were created.

This city was occupied by ancient rishis, Sanaka sananda Maharishis,  Sapta Rishis, Avatara purushas and by certain chosen people of the earth, who wished to lead a divine life. As time passed and the ages of Treta, Dwapara and Kali appeared, this city remained invisible and inaccessible to people who carried worldly impurities within. Life in Shambala is heaven on earth bestowing good health, permanent peace, bliss and everlasting life on residents.

The landscape and the approaches to this place change according to the karma of the person approaching it. Sometimes it seems as if surrounded by great desert regions, sometimes it appears to be situated amidst beautiful snow mountains where the cave like entry to this realm is guarded by adominable snowmen of the himalayas known as the Yetis. Sometimes a traveller may know Shambala to be situated amidst a vast sheet of water infested by ferocious seas creatures protecting any approach towards the Divine city. But is case of most earthly beings the City is invisible.

The Indwellers of Shambala live on certain principles . They are -
1. Bliss
2. Divine Love
3. Divine Understanding.
4. Practice of sacred principles and manners in mind, word, and action.
5. Secretness and Sacredness.
6. Oneness
7. Setting and acheiving of Divine goals.

Will this Divine City always remain mystical?

Aeons ago, at a distance of nearly 10,000 light years from our Solar system in our galaxy, the Rishis had caused the Seven Divine flares. These flares are equal to Shahsrakoti Surya Prakasha (Million suns effulgence). These Divine rays are on the verge of reaching earth. As the energy of these rays enter the earth during the Satyuga they will cleanse the various two way channels in the five koshas (subtle bodies)  and open a great numer of dormant brain cells, close some unwanted brain cells, wash out certain karmas of beings and reinitiate the junk DNA.  With this mystical cities such as Shambala will become visible and accessible to all persons purified in body, mind and intellect.


  1. A wonderful read...where can I get a copy if this book wherefrom you took the details of the above..
    Name and author please...

    Thanks for a wonderful blog...

    Love and light

    1. The book is called Amaravani. But its not easily available. I think its available only in their ashram in Bangalore.

  2. Sir could you please provide details of the ashram?



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