Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Mystical lines between Reality and Fantasy

…And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth.” 

: Galadriel - "Lord of the Rings "

Aladdin’s lamp, the magic carpet, the staff of Ulysses, Jason’s Golden fleece, Solomon’s diamond, the philosophers stone..

Did human imagination give birth to these ‘fantasies?


Did the reality of these artifacts, lost in the mystical past, trigger human imagination?

As children we embrace these stories and wished we had the lamp or the flying carpet. When we grow and become ‘wise’ we reject them firmly, as if we have mastered time and space so completely that we can judge with authority what is true and what is not, even if the subject in question may have existed thousands of years before our times. 

Is it wise to measure all of history based on the lives we live and understand today? Perhaps our progress in science is what influences our audaciousness. So we ask ‘where is the proof?’

But absence of proof is not proof of absence. 

We live under the notion that life thus far has flown in a linear progression, and so the current times we live in are the most modern and sophisticated life mankind has ever known. 

Most scriptures however, defy this notion and tell us of times in the past, where mankind has existed in greater understanding of life around him. These were referred to as the Golden ages, and humanity has known many such Golden ages each a unique and magical expression of nature, life and human ingenuity. And so from a spiritual perspective, life goes not in linear progression but in an ebb and flow mode, much like the waves. We rise and we fall. Just like the Lumerians, Atlanteans, even the glorious Vedic times in the ancient India highlighted during the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods.

I was always interested in the Mahabharata. The great heroes, their skills and weapons fascinated me. Yet my science-oriented mind wondered how it would be possible for an archer to slay his enemy 2 kilometers away with a speeding arrow? How divine weapons were wielded? If the Brahmastra (the weapon of Brahma) was more powerful then our nuclear bomb? How Arjuna could fight for the Gods?

Men in those days were known to be much larger and stronger than the forms we currently don. Uprooting trees, fighting non-stop for a length of 10-15 days (Arjuna's fight with Shiva), wielding heavy weapons etc was a routine task for heroes. From a scientific point of view it stands to reason that if the Mahabharata period existed, there should be some proof of the same left behind, isn’t it?
Not necessarily!

I have passionately followed this line of thought and received understanding by and by. 

You see if I wish to go into space it will not be possible for me to go in this human form. I will have to wear a space suit to help me deal with the new environment. Similarly even on earth different periods of time have humans in different varieties in their body constitution. 

A few years back I was watching a documentary about age-old weapons on BBC. The British host went to a museum and took up an 11th century sword. He found it difficult to lift even with both his hands. Yet back in the 11th century, the soldiers would hold this sword in one hand and an even heavier shield in the other as they fought their battles. The host said that back then people were much larger and stronger as compared to us. And this is only 10 centuries back. So should we be surprised if heroes 5000 years ago could perform magical feats in the battlefield?

Vedic science tells us about the 4 ages that life on earth goes through – The Golden age or Sat yuga, Silver or Treta age, Bronze of Dwapara age and Kali the dark age. The constitution of the human body and the abilities of the human mind drastically vary in each age. Today we have a flesh and bone – calcified body which when buried will not disintegrate fully into the elements, but will leave bones and teeth behind. But in times prior to this dark age where humanity lived in higher understanding and more ‘light’, their bodies were known to be more crystalline in nature. Such bodies were capable of holding more light and perform many feats which we consider miraculous today. The light bodies were complimented with a refined mind dwelling in higher consciousness giving these humans abilities much greater then our own. These bodies merged very well with the elements given the preference of vedic people to use fire to dispose human form upon death and that is why science has no bones of such bodies to conclude as proof of that age. 

I have since understood that to use the laws of science as a yardstick to ascertain validity or proof of bygone mysteries is, well.. limiting. We are governed by highly intelligent Nature, which is fully capable of masking the truths of one age from the other no matter how smartly we do our investigations and excavations. Only men with pure, one-pointed and keen understanding stand a chance to be exposed to such masked truths.

Sciences of the Past :

There are men of realisation, even in this day and age, who are well aware of how things worked in the past. A Master may now and then reveal truths that most people of the world may never have access to otherwise. A great Master in southern India once explained that the sciences in the past were not mechanical, chemical or electronic in nature. They were mystical or metaphysical. 

A Vimana
A flying chariot called Pushpa Vimana in the Ramayana did actually fly but not through mechanical or electronic science but through the deeper and subtle science of sound - through Mantras! Divine weapons of various potencies were wielded by heroes in the Mahabharata war through mantras. The royal class, through the grace of their learned preceptors, were known to be aware of mantras that enabled then to do superhuman tasks with ease. A blade of grass could be made a weapon through mantras, potent enough to destroy not just the earth but our whole solar system.

Naturally many will be keen to know these mantras or mystic formulas, but they cannot be effectively used by just any person. Just as a rare seed of an exotic variety of fruit cannot be expected to grow when put in barren or rocky or sandy dry ground, similarly a higher mantra cannot be put to use by anyone just knowing the formula. Only men of deep spiritual understanding and practice were able to use such formulas. 

The culture of infusing our equipment with potent divine energy is still carried on today in India, when on certain days farmers and other people bring out their equipments and vehicles to be worship divinely recharged. 

So coming back to Alladin’s lamp – what about it is truly magical? The lamp itself is of not much value except that by rubbing it, it brings out the Genie that can almost do anything for you. 

Is that really unbelievable?

One of the most outstanding and popular books of the 20th century The Autobiography of a Yogi mentions of a certain fakir by the name of Afzal Khan who had control over a genie, an astral being by the name Hazrat, who could fulfill any wish put forward by his master. In the 80’s there was another fakir known popularly as Barielly ke Baba as he hailed from Barielly. This fakir also had control of astral entities that would do anything at his bidding. Such was the popularity of this fakir that the filmstar of the 80’s Shatrughan Sinha had incorporated the name of this fakir, who he believed in, in his movie dialogues. The fakir openly declared that he could make any doubting Thomas see the astral entities face to face provided they had the spine in them. Some who attempted to take on the challenge ran out of the room in sheer terror.

One could investigate further and find many books, even people existing today, who have the ability to put non terrestrial entities to use. So Aladdin's lamp could very well have existed wherein a knowledgeable fakir could have programmed the formula of invoking an entity to a simple rub of some lamp.

Philosophers Stone
The Philosophers stone: Frankly I find no appeal in such a fantastic object. The Philosophers stone could turn any base metal into Gold. In my opinion rather then making one rich, it would simply bring the value of gold crashing down. 

If you think about it, the possibility of a Philosophers stone existing is very possible. We know when iron kept close to magnet for a certain period of time, becomes magnetic. The Philosophers stone could have a more potent property which could transform any metal to gold instantly.

Though I do not know of anything akin to such a stone; I do know of something even more fantastic to exist. In the Mahabharata, the Sun god gave Yudhishtir a vessel which would always supply them food once a day. This divine vessel was called the Akshaya Patra.

Akshaya Vibhuti box
I know for a fact certain yogis dwelling in the Himalayas near the Nar-Narayana cave who have been blessed with such an Akshaya Patra by Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which will provide for all their needs while they focus on their sadhana (spiritual practices). I have met one of those yogis too. Furthermore I know of around 3 people to whom Sri Sathya Sai have given an Akshaya patra vibhuti box from which inexhaustible supply of vibhuti comes forth no matter how many times you empty it. Most of these people are doctors who use this vibhuti for healing purpose.

The Magic carpet : If I went 10 centuries back and told people then that some day soon humans would not only fly in the air to travel from one place to another, but would even eat, sleep and be entertained while flying – I would be thrown in prison for being a lunatic. Yet we know this to be true.. why then shud be doubt the possibility of a magic carpet to exist.. just because we cannot fathom how an assumedly woolen carpet would have the mechanics to fly!

Why just artifacts..  various fabled creatures like the Unicorn, fairies, leprechauns, dwarfs, yetis, mermaids etc are known to exist on slightly higher dimensions then us. There are many humans who have encountered them but keep their silence in view of the misunderstanding world.

I am of the belief that if humanity is strong enough to let go of their binding doubts and pursue knowledge with open heart and mind, humility, faith and sincerity, then nature will willingly reveal to us secrets which we never thought could exist. Already there are many souls who have been awakened by the masters and made to realize the magical possibilities that await us in the very near future; A future where the many self-made walls of doubts and disbeliefs will collapse revealing before us new life in a truly magical Paradise.

Sounds like a fantasy.. dosent it?



  1. I sure would like a flying carpet. Will save fuel!!! Nice read :)

  2. oh u make me believe in this magical wonderful fantasies :) thnq for this wonderful read !

  3. Could u do a write up on various fabled creatures like the Unicorn, fairies, leprechauns, dwarfs, yetis, mermaids etc , alongwith the magic carpet? u once wrote about some of them lying in the black sea...

  4. Fairies, leprechauns, dwarfs, mermaids etc are the elemental devas.. some of them are a very strong part of the Irish folklore. They dwell in the 4th and 5th dimensions monitoring the elemental kingdoms. Yetis are snowmen of the himalayan ranges known also to exist at higher frequencies. Many fishermen who would travel for long times in the seas would often get delusional and get a glimpse of other dimensional sea dwelling mermaids.
    The Unicorns are known to be 8th dimensional beings. They are not necessarily like a horse with a horn. They are beyond form but have known to have appeared in the horse form and so are related to by humans as such.

  5. Very interesting!

  6. Naresh, SaiRam. You have mentioned in this article that you had met one of the Yogies sent by Swamy to Nar Narayana Cave. Have you wriitten a detailed description about this meeting anywhere? Could you send me the link? SaiRam. Love and blessings/Nithya.

    1. Sairam Nithya, I haven't written anything about meeting that Yogi. Our meet was brief and a bit personal. He was very reluctant to meet for they are meant to be in seclusion, but He had come to visit Swami and perhaps it was His grace that he agreed to meet me. So thats about it. :)

  7. Such a beautiful read. I am currently residing in a remote village in india due to Corona lockdown. Here the tribals perform witchcraft and blackmagic. I have heard such miraculous stories about some super powers they posses.they also believe in astral bodies that can really fulfill their wishes. I wanted to know more about astral entities and therefore coincidentally stumbled upon your blog. Unfortunately, the new generation amongst these tribals are loosing their super natural powers due to alcohol consumption and materialistic desires. I wish I could do something for their community so these powers are not lost and forgotten.


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