Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Mountain speaks..

About a week back, whilst on a retreat; a few of us stepped out on an excursion to a nearby hill overlooking our little retreat, in monsoon-green Igatpuri. The cloudy sky teased only with the lightest showers now and then. The idyllic surroundings were soul cleansing and pleasing to the eye.

We climbed the hill at leisure. I found myself attracted to the rocky parts of the mountain. Every now and then I picked up the stones and felt their energy. 

At one point a few of us were seated on some rocks, conversing about things, when it began to drizzle, prompting everyone to make their way down. I continued sitting and felt drawn inwards. So I closed my eyes and effortlessly interiorized.  An inner voice spoke, which I found myself an audience to. 

“The rocks that you see here are no different from crystals that many of you use. It is just that you value some rocks more and consider others mere stones… All mountains are filled with such crystals. The energies flooding the Earth in these precious times are being collected by natural elements of the earth such as the mountains and thus the whole terra is being recharged.

‘The pyramids that humans make are also for this purpose. Mountains infact, are the original pyramids and humans when making pyramids were only duplicating mountains.  These are all channellers of energy and great natural batteries. Thus the caves of the Himalayas attract Yogi’s as they are in essence crystal chambers that can create the highest vibrations suitable for intense sadhana.

“Not only mountains, any expanse of natural elements serves the same purpose. The Oceans, Seas, great rivers, dense forest regions. Sages of yore recognized this and that is why most ashrams for spiritual practices were made either on mountains or near a river or the sea or in the forest region.  In India the Himalayas, Vindyas, Arunachalam and other mountains are always revered.. Some of the most sacred energy spots are found on these mountains - Kailash, Badrinath, Tirupati, Vaishnodevi, Kedarnath and so on.

“Humans also use the mountain ‘technology’ in building of domes of most temples, churches and mosques, as these mountain-like domes channel in divine energies.

“Humans would serve themselves well if every now and then they would get out of the worldly systems they live in and connect with Mother Earth in any form - Climbing mountains, picnics by a river, walking barefeet on earth, connecting with flora and fauna, taking a dip in water bodies, sitting by the trees, gardening… Just connecting with Earth. In doing so they will receive from Mother Earth blessings of subtle  energies to help grow in these precious times..”

By now I was up and walking down, yet fully interiorized.  Greatly excited by what I was learning, I ventured to ask (I don’t know who) within : Why were the pyramids made in Egypt?

In reply I was promptly reminded of a story I had read some time back. 

Whereas I may not be able to recount that whole story here and now, I can mention the gist of it.

Millenniums ago, the region called Sahara was a prosperous and flourishing land. This is way before the Ramayan took place.  Ravana, the demon king was known to be active in these regions back then (Amazing but not impossible).  Even in that time, He was infatuated by a certain princess, who was an amsha of Laxmi Devi and who Ravana had kidnapped and converted into a snake. (Another amsha of Laxmi Devi brought about his end.) Ravana visited this snake often and was known by locals as Naga (Snake) Priya (Lover).  That region to this day is still known by the reverse of this name – Nagapriya – Ya pri ga na  (Africana). Furthermore due to some evil acts of Ravana in pursuing the princess, the prosperous region of northern Africa was cursed into becoming a stretch of desert land. The cure of this curse was a Rahasya ( secret ) and so the place was known as its reverse : Ra ha sya – Sahara.

Why they used the reverse to name those regions, I cannot understand!

Getting back to my question – I received the above story as a background to the fact that later wise men constructed artificial mountains in that now waste area to channel energy passing through that region. It is a known fact that the regions where the pyramids are built are a crossing point for ley lines.

I know people who channel messages from higher or intra-dimensional levels.. but I am not one of them. The above-type experience has been a recent phenomenon occurring a bit frequently in the recent past. I must humbly acknowledge receiving subtle understandings now and then, at times beyond my control, from a source I am unable to identify. I am in a habit of censuring or containing such communications lest my mind take advantage and misguide me.

I do remember the energy signature of the above message. It was one of soothing peace, strength and wisdom, something my mind couldn’t have imitated. In fairness I must also add that what I had received was much more in beauty and wisdom then I have been able to put here in words.

As a form of verification, I decided to share all this with some friends, a couple in Bangalore, who are spiritually advanced and have much experience in these matters. Only today did I receive a reply from them saying that “what you are told is 100% correct. Very perceptive.” The likely source of such a message they implied would mostly be a Nature spirit, in this case perhaps the mountain Deva. They also added some words of advice that I must put to use to take better advantage should such opportunity arise in the future.

This response encouraged me to freely share this message, not so much for its humble content, but more I think to help fellow souls see and be inspired to make bigger and better efforts to partake the wisdom,  love and grace being offered to us from all aspects of life.

Much Love and Light.

 A friend had captured that moment on the hill.


  1. beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Feel like quiting my job and just making my way to the closest forest :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments... they are a help to gauge the usefulness of sharing such intimate information..

      Love and Light to you..

  2. Sai Ram, do you think the names could be in reverse because of the influence of the Arabs and the Arabic language on the northern region of Africa? The language is read from right to left?

    Also, could you kindly provide the source from where you obtained this super interesting information about Nagapriya and Rahasyaa?

    I'm an avid follower of this site, kingdomofsai.blogspot.com and vs1008.blogspot.com. I enjoy reading all your articles very much. Will you be posting anything before 12/21/12?

    Sai Ram.

    1. Sairam Hari,

      that is an interesting thought. Except we are talking about a time which was beyond and untouched, i think, by Arabic era.

      This information was shared in a book called Amaravani, from which i have also shared information in other notes. I have shared something on the 21st Dec in a recent post called : Beyond 2012 - What now? Thanks for reading these blogs. Be blessed.

    2. It may be before the Arabic Era. But the said Arabic Era may have emulated it(i.e from right to left) from the 'before times' !!!

  3. Igatpuri...yeah the place do reveberates ! They say, that the lemur bone of Gautam Buddha lies in the spot where Vipassana International Acadamy exists !

  4. Can u also compile the remainder story or part there of, as mentioned in the paras, put the story in your blog ?

  5. Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.

  6. You write very well. Experiencing such phenomena is often very hard to put into words, but you have done so very well! God bless

  7. My goodness ! How profoundly fabulous, surprised that you are able to share because I always believed in sharing anything so beautiful, a lot of people are very selfish.


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