Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ah Life!!

I live,
am joy,
am sad,
am lost,
am found,
am high,
am low,
am cheap,
am heart,
am pauper,
am king,
am hungry,
am content,
am sleepless,
am evil,
am God...      
is there an actor greater than me?

I live,
in speed,
in slow,
in strength,
in weakness, 
in patience,
in timing,
in highs,
in lows,
through hurdles,
through obstacles,
in pain,
in stress,
in sweat,
in blood,
in victory,
in defeat....    
is there a sportsman greater than me?

I live,
i feel,
i cry,
i smile,
i love,
i hurt,
i sense,
i know,
i keep,
let go,
i see,
i bear,
i heal,
i die,
i am,
am not....      
is there a poet greater then me?

Ah life!

Ah living!

The next time you ask  'What do you do?'  be not surprised, if you hear me say ~

' i live!'

© Copyright 2011

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  1. answer to d last query "I exist"... :)yes its ah life ! specialy aftr 24april'2011


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