Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In a High state of Consciousness - An Experience.

Once, following a trip to India, my longing to experience the impersonal, innate divinity in all life intensified. My continuous prayer to Him became, " Let me experience the Truth." In the midst of this prayer, I was led to the following words by Manly P. Hall:

" Find the Law! Seek for it in everything, everywhere always. Become aware of the operations of the universal causes in even the apparently trivial incidents."

When I read this, its immediate impact upon me was profound. I recognised these words as a Divine command of immediate import. From then on I kept this injunction in the forefront of my mind, meditating upon it incessantly.

In the weeks that followed, my life outwardly remained the same, but inwardly was transformed to the most gentle, sweet and balanced state of consciousness I had ever experienced. My body continued to perform all that was necessary, but my mind became a tool used by me only when needed. It was not senselessly directing me. Who was that "me"? It was not a personal self, but rather, the "me" was more an impersonal "it." The word consciousness now evoked a feeling of endearment as it took a new meaning.

At the beginning of this new awareness, my life became an exciting adventure, rich with meaning and purpose. I observed an unseen force guiding every event, every person. Each act, no matter how trivial, now had a reason, a teaching. I could see the Divine hand weaving the fabric of life and felt total trust in the finality. The magnitude of this awareness was overwhelming. Many times, I would marvel at the pattern of seeming coincidences and wanted to exclaim in Joy, " bravo, how ingenious!" Often I was filled with a sense of gratitude, not only for the lessons learned, but for the Divine Artist that lovingly painted the masterpiece. It was a gift presented with such delicate care and consideration. So subtle were the teachings, that if one blinked an eye, they might be missed.

With the passage of a few days, the thrill of the new discovery subsided. I became aware of other aspects and levels of the working of consciousness. My focus shifted from the initial awareness of its teachings and operation in my own affairs, to a sensitivity of the states of mind and feelings of others. The intentions of others became transparent. No matter what they demonstrated outwardly, their true inner condition could be known.  Yet there was no reaction. It was impossible to attach blame to even the most negative of emotions evinced by another. I clearly saw that it was their identification with the body and senses that caused such reactions. This wrong identification arose from ignorance.

Questions arose within. Why are we so ignorant? Why do we believe so strongly that we are our bodies and identify only with our senses? I asked myself these questions with intense concentration. A relapse into my former state of awareness was unbearable, almost a descent into predation, a dark void of unconsciousness. So I sought for the answers.

To be continued... 

The above are extracts from Diana Baskin's book - Divine lessons.


  1. thank you for this article.
    I'm a truthseeker from Indonesia, albeit still quite a 'skeptical' one.

    My question is: is what Diana Baskin experiencing really real, or just only imagined fantasy only? How can we know? is there any solid undeniable Proof that we are just not our bodies & physical senses in this physical, material universe only?

    thank you.

  2. Hey Niki,

    Glad to meet another truth seeker from another part of the world. Your being skeptical is good. Doubts can be a very good tool for a wise seeker to help Him/Her remove the unnecessary and focus on the pure and go higher on the path. Yet these doubts can also sometimes become an obstacle preventing you from growing. The world is full of blind believers or blind doubters, It is always good to take a middle path being detached to either view and attached only to knowing truth.

    Also, we doubt only when the new info clashes with our old sense of understanding. It is good to doubt anything new you encounter, but often you must also doubt your own old belief system and your present set of understandings to be able to grow or update your view of life.

    In regards to your question - if you have read lives of Masters who have reached the goal, you will know that Diana's experience is not a mental fantasy. Fantasy occurs n the realm of the mind. What she experiences here is in the realm of Consciousness. Diana is a true seeker. I know her. she is one amongst us who is near to her goal.

    You ask for 'proof'. Niki understand that proof also comes under the realm of the body / mind/ senses, hence proof is not the correct way to go in matters of Spirit. But here's an experiment that you can conduct in your daily life. Observe yourself and your every action unceasingly with a view to understand who you truly are. In time you will come to realise that you are not and never have been this body. The body is just a biological space suit that the real 'I' wears to be a part of this world. the Real you is the 'I AM consciousness' dwelling within this body under the delusion that it is he body itself. You are the 'Awareness' which is a witness to everything around you including yourself. You are that I which can tell in the morning if you had a good sleep, while the body was sleeping at night.

    Please read the above from that perspective and you will find a whole new meaning to the article.

    Be blessed!


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