Friday, August 16, 2013

The Dawn of the Golden Age: An Essay

In the days gone by, in so many of the Lord’s discourses, I heard Him speak of the coming Golden Age, an Age when man will cease being an animal and be a Man that God intended him to be. A time when man’s thoughts, words and deeds will be in divine harmony. When I and ME will change to US and WE.

Each day I looked at the sunrise wondering if the golden rays were bringing in the promised Golden Age. But things seemed to remain the same. We still lived with pain and suffering, falsehood and distrust.

One day I delved within in contemplation, and asked Him “Lord, You promised us that the Golden Age is at hand, when Your love and wisdom will guide all lives. When will You bring that blessed day O Lord! We are eagerly awaiting.”

The Lord sweetly replied “So am I. I too am awaiting that day when the labour of My Love will bear fruits. Tell me My child! When will You bring in the Golden age?


Bring the Golden age?..

Suddenly... it made sense!

My mind raced back to that day of the Youth conference at Prashanti, where Swami had bestowed on His Youth, His devotees, the greatest privilege when He declared that  “Your life will be My message.”

The seeds of Golden Age have not been planted by Sai in some secretive distance, but within our hearts. For years He has been nourishing that seed with His Love and affection. It is time that we did our parts and tended that plant with the waters of discipline, service, sacrifice and obedience. Soon the plant will turn into a lush tree, bearing fragrant flowers and sweet fruits of Love and peace, joy and bliss. Each of our lives will turn verily into a portable garden through which Sai will bring relief to His world weary children. I remember His words where He said “I will not walk in front, lest I leave you behind. I will not walk behind, lest you go your own way. We shall walk together, hand in hand marching towards our goal.”

What privilege! What opportunity!

As Rama, Sai had called upon the Vanaras to help Him in His mission. They did not let Him down. As Krishna, He used the Pandava army in order to restore Dharma. The Pandavs too played their part gloriously at the cost of blood and sacrifice. In this age, Sai has called upon us, His youth, His students, His properties, to join Him in this sacred mission. Shall we not rise to the occasion? Shall we let down Him, who has ever raised us to heavenly heights? This Sai, The Lord of the Universe, The Eternal Absolute, who by His mere will can accomplish any task, is bestowing upon us with the opportunity of a lifetime, nay, The opportunity of incarnations, by using us as His instruments.

Arise, Awake.. Brothers and Sisters, for the hour has come. The sun has dawned. Our Swami awaits us. Uproot from within, every trace of ego, anger, jealousy, pride that threaten to keep us away from this sacred task. Covered in the whites of purity and love, let us put our hands in Sai’s and march forward with Him.

Let us usher in The Golden Age!

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