Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hurt Never..

Once Swami was speaking to a group of students narrating the story of Karna. He mentioned that when Karna found that the Pandavas were his own brothers, he suffered greatly thinking of the pain that he had unfairly caused them. Swami paused then and looked at the boys and said  "You too will suffer similarly the day you realize your Oneness with all creation and think of the pain you caused one another."

There are two types of pain one can inflict on another person:
 ~ A pain inflicted directly by either harming someone physically or hurting with your words causing mental anguish.
~ Pain caused indirectly by lying, tricking or cheating someone.

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda stated that the greatest sin in the eyes of God is betraying someone who puts their trust in you. 

What one does not realise is that you cannot cheat someone else, unless you cheat your own soul first, you cannot lie to others unless you lie to your own Atmic self first; cannot cause others pain, unless you smear your own divine image first.

Our scriptures state that upon death when a soul reviews its life on earth and sees the pain it has caused another soul, it comes back again to take a life to atone by experiencing the same pain itself. Not only this, if any other soul has suffered the same pain on account of being the victims parents or children or siblings, partners.. then this soul also comes in those forms to experience that aspect of the pain.

This life is a mammoth journey undertaken by the soul to reach its goal of self realization. So, when we Love all ... we progress on the soul path as we are affirming a soul quality.
But when we Hurt others ... we digress from our path as we are going against the nature of our soul, and sometimes it can take us lifetimes to comeback to the point from where we digressed.

Perhaps that is why Swami once said " If you cannot Love all.. at least HURT NEVER!"

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  1. lallitha sai daggupatiMarch 2, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    And most imp thing to remember is that we can hurt others with our thoughts too..It sure is tough not to hv unpleasant thoughts abt sumone who caused us pain but thts d height Lord wants us all to reach,may be.


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