Sunday, October 13, 2013


Dr John Hislop in one of his talks mentions of their neighbour in Mexico who put up a satellite dish which gave him 24*7 entertainment. 

"..So he sat all day long in front of his tv with his cans of beer and vodka. 

You would look at this and say that it is not a constructive way to live life. But you know everything goes in a circle, and comes back home to the center.

The truth of creation:

"Swami (Sri Sathya Sai) says creation is endless and the first expansion of individual consciousness (formless God) is manifesting itself as a mineral or rock. He says after ages the rock dies and is reborn into a tree. After all that experience the tree dies and is reborn as an animal; after that long long experience the animal promotes itself to the status of a human being. 
Beyond a human there are a total of 7 steps on this journey out into manifestation, out into multiplicity and then back into the heart, back into unity, into Oneness. There is thus a rock, vegetable, animal, human, superhuman, cosmic and Divine.

So coming back to our friend in Mexico, He is still engaged into the outward manifestation of life. 

So what is the harm?

You know that life can just continue and last for millions and millions of years and millions and millions of incarnations; endless experiences of joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains, elations and tragedies. All perfectly legitimate. There is really no reason for anyone to  take up a spiritual life, until they themselves feel that urge to understand, stand up and graduate from this endless cycle.  

But in general the world is not ready for that, will never be ready because there is a constant pull luring all beings into this manifestation of life. 
Urging people to take up a spiritual life is only effective if they are ripe for it. Then you did perhaps the greatest good deed that any human can possibly do. 

First steps towards Freedom:

Even amongst humans who tire of this journey it takes several incarnations before they can take the first step into the spiritual path. In every incarnation a soul desiring freedom will find various attractions and temptations drawing and luring him to engage in this outward manifestation. Until man begins seeking that joy which is true and lasting, he will continue engaging in this manifestation. It still takes many lifetimes of disciplined living and dedication towards this single goal before a human can manage to free himself from this circle.  

Many people transit from being worldly to being worldly and spiritual. Rarely does a soul, make a one-pointed, bold effort to recover and reclaim its 'lost' divinity. But when one is ripe and in complete knowledge that this phenomenal world with all this joys, toys, temptations and attractions; is completely powerless to grant you the joy you truly need, then does the soul stop and start taking steps back towards home, towards divinity, towards that Consciousness, the Primary Source of it all."

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  1. nice one :-) ....but still long way to go.....the more i come to know of facts, the more tired i feel :-(


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