Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are we Alone - A lightworker remembers!

This article was written by a friend who kindly permitted me to share it with others.

Is it just me, or is everyone also feeling this sense of being in "stand-by" mode?

I feel as if I've done all I can do, and that when I wake up in the morning, the usual drive that
I had is not there. As a matter of fact, it is hard for me to wake up in the morning. I'm in a deep sleep and often in different levels of dreaming that are so lucid that I can't tell the difference between the dreaming and reality. These dreams are my reality. So, waking up means I'm going to sleep over there, where ever "there" is; and waking up, in this world or realm, is the "dream".

Then, there's the "apathy" or lack of desire to do any "thing". It's as if  I'm “Complete” - or have completed whatever I was set to do and now I'm in the "waiting" state, waiting for whatever unfolds next.

I observed myself making the bed in the later part of the day. I picked up a couple of items of clothing and folded them to put them away, and I had this “knowing” that I was picking up after myself, as one picks up when one leaves one job to go to the next. It was as if I was picking up my belongings and the things I used to do the job with in this corporation, and I was taking whatever I needed to go to the next corporation in whatever job-capacity I had been assigned.

So, I Know that my assignment is done. The program for Earth is coming to a close, in whichever way it will close. I have this sense of excitement in me that is growing exponentially the more I internalize what is happening.

I Know that I Know that I am finally going “home”, or at least back to the point that I was before I embarked in this assignment.

I had been a loner all my life, more like a fish out of water. I knew in my heart I was here for a purpose, only I didn't know what. At an early age of 4, I knew I had powers that were "normal"to me. I hadn't realized yet that these were not a common thing on this planet - I didn’t know this was a different world than where I had been all the time.

When I was 5, I began to draw pictures of space craft with crew members that were humanoid, but not totally the way humans looked here. I drew worlds that I remembered and the different decks of the ships I remembered. I would spend a lot of time looking up at the night sky, watching, vigilant, with a heavy heart, wondering if I had imagined what I thought was a “memory” of who I really was. I looked up, hoping to get a glimpse of one of my ships, of my kin coming to pick me up - for I knew it was a mistake that I was here.

 When I was 17, I was watching “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” on TV for my Drama class and my brother, who is two years my junior, and a skeptic who would tease me all the time, came running to the living room to tell me there were UFOs outside. I told him to be quiet because I was trying to watch the movie. He left, and five minutes later came back. “Quick”, he said, “you’ve got to come to Mom and Dad’s room and see this for yourself!” Since, he was such a skeptic and teased me all the time about my looking up in the sky, trying to spot UFOs, I didn’t want to fall a victim to his ridicule again. I told him to go away, and that if he kept interrupting me, I was going to tell Mom and Dad.

He left again. Ten minutes later, he was back. He stood in front of me and the TV and said, “You have to come see this right now!”

So, now I’m curious. He led me to my parent’s room and we both got on top of their king-sized bed and looked out the window that was right over the headboard. There was nothing there.
Except a humongous, ominous white cloud that took up the entire sky.

Then, it started. I remembered the information I had read in all the UFO books that I had collected - over thirty of them. I remembered the signs to look for, as per my MUFON field investigator training - it was a “Mother Ship”. There it was: a cloud that would intermittently give off white, electronic light in the same spot, over and over again. This happened at intervals of 10-20 seconds. This was not lightening. I swallowed hard. My heart began to race - Was I seeing what I thought I was seeing?

Then, after about 15 minutes of this “lighting” display within the cloud, my jaw dropped. I watched over 50 scout ships come out of the end of the cloud, blinking red and green, red and green; and somewhere in the background, as my head spun, I could hear my brother say “Look!” and my father, who had just arrived say: “Quick, there’s a flotilla of UFO’s over the house!”

I felt weak. Was I dreaming this? But then, my mother comes in through the front door screaming, “Hurry, there are UFO’s over the house!”

I got off their bed and tried to quickly walk to my room to grab my Kodak Ekta-Sound Movie camera and my telescope. My knees were weak and I kept fumbling and trying to grab things that kept slipping from my fingers.

I don’t know how I made it outside, carrying all those gadgets and myself out the door. But when I looked up at the sky, my heart stopped.  There they were. They had shown up, finally.

I ran to the grassy area and stood there watching them. They had lined themselves across the sky, a bit higher than a tall building. There were five of them, the size of a football field each, glowing red. They breathed like a Being, and looked like Plasma, as the others glided over the sky and became make-shift stars. I sighed, and fell to my knees, dropping the camera and telescope. I let out a long cry of anguish. “Please, please,” I said, “take me home..... I don’t want to be here anymore.... Please.....”  They clearly spoke in my head, “It’s not time yet....”
I bent over on the ground, my head touching the grass as I cried. “Please, please....”, I kept saying, “I don’t want to be here.....”

After a while, my angst left me. I looked up to watch them shoot up into the night sky.
I tried taking a movie, my vision fuzzy from the tears, but the camera didn’t work. I did manage to point the telescope at one of them that hovered above. It was transparent, plasma. Another ship came and went through it like water....

They left me with a promise that they’d be back for me - I guess when my tour of duty was up.
From then on, my communication with them has always been there. They have always had several ships over my house or any place at any given time. They have guided all my steps by giving me confirmation of what I already “Know”. They also guided me to Nashville, where I have been for sometime now, and never questioned why I was sent here.

So, today, I felt I was packing to go home from a long trip abroad. I smiled with this realization and felt peace in my heart, and closure.

I know I did the best I could with the tools provided to me. I hope I haven’t disappointed and that I have helped at least one human being awaken because I lived and because our paths crossed in a moment in time in a coffee shop or in cyberspace.  If that has happened, I am content.

I am happy for all the memories I have made and all those beings I have called friends, and for my wonderful mother and father, brother and my children and grandchildren and for my Twin Flame, who has allowed me to be me.... What an experience this has been!

Soon, I’ll be where I belong - back in my “pond”. Soon, we’ll all realize how important each and everyone of us has been and how we all played a vital role in birthing this New World.

I know we’ll all get the “job well done” certificate at the end. Will I do it again?
Sure. But, not until I take a long vacation!

El Ari AN      Ari ~ Lion of Judah~

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