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Secrets of the Inner world.

You are Spirit essence who is on Earth in a physical body. You were created as a Soul being first, not as human being. The human form is a temporary uniform that you don in your journey through this school of Earthly life.

The soul has a subconscious mind to guard and guide it. It is also known by some as the Spiritual mind, Higher Self, Inner Voice or Conscience.  Similarly when the soul takes a human form, it also gets a physical/ Ego mind to guide it in this physical dimension. In giving him an ego-mind, it was the Creators wish that man exercise his free will in following the Conscience.

In the ideal scenario – the body and ego should work under the guidance of the Conscience. But this rarely happens as the ego wishes to enslave the being under it. In most humans there is a constant war between the ego and the Conscience. This war continues over lifetimes. It is view of this war that humans feel the constant need for – Peace of mind. But such peace can come only when the Conscience is guiding the being.


To understand the nature of this inner war, a human must learn to differentiate between the ego and the Conscience.

The ego works selfishly from body awareness. Unless disciplined and trained well, the powerful ego-mind becomes negative and works against the interest of the soul. It ever seeks to attract the soul towards the lesser joys of this world by misuse of the senses. The ego uses desires, whims, fancies, logic and rationality as its tools. Hence brain is its working center. It looks for easy ways out. The ego loves restlessness. Those who are enslaved by the ego are attached to this world and ever fearful of death and the beyond and seek desperately to cling to their body and life.

The Conscience works selflessly from soul awareness. Its purpose is to ever elevate the soul by guarding and guiding it towards the right action in everything. It uses Dharma, Truth, Love and wisdom as its tools. Hence heart is its working center. It doesn’t hesitate to accept difficult paths for soul growth. The conscience loves peace.  Those guided by the Conscience view death as a natural occurrence and accept without reservation their journey beyond to the Astral and Spirit world, knowing it to be their true home.


The ego controls a person making them go wrong, the Conscience rises in defense. It is your free choice that decides who wins. If the human chooses spiritually wrong actions continuously in all his dealings, the Conscience resists but eventually goes dormant after a period of futile resistance and the ego takes full charge. Thus there are 3 classes of humans–

    1.  The spiritual and saintly who are guided by the Conscience.
    2.  The Humans whose Conscience and egos are at constant war.
   3.  The human considered evil from a social perspective, whose conscience is dormant.

It is difficult to brand every human in these 3 grades. In most cases humanity is a combination of these 3 in various shades. The law of Karma keeps precise track of every action and thought.


When you wrongly hurt someone in thought, word or deed, your conscience warns you and you feel guilty. The sole purpose of guilt is to help you recognize wrong; just as the sole purpose of disease to is help your realize your wrong way of living in the body. Guilt should not be entertained but be used as a warning sign for immediate self correction.

However be warned that not all guilt comes from the conscience. The ego can also camouflage guilt in order to control you. But it requires a pure and keen heart to be able to see through the two forms of guilt. One is a sign, the other is a trick. One is to release you, the other is to enslave you. One leads you to higher awareness, the other leads you to low self esteem. Embracing the wrong guilt or ignoring the right guilt both lead to further delay in inner growth. To help differentiate between the two, you can also take the help of someone you trust, who can view things in neutrally and who will not hesitate to tell you the truth for your highest good.

It is your primary duty to introspect and analyse your actions always. Such analysis constitutes vital learning for which man has undertaken this journey on earth.


When a human errs, his conscience warns him. Just as the human is about to rectify his mistake, the mind puts its greatest weapon –ego, into action. The ego justifies your wrong actions, tricking you through logic and even rationale to justify your errors. The Conscience protests but because a human is identified so strongly with the body, he disregards his souls needs to the needs of his ego.

We do not mean that logic is bad, but logic and truth are not the same thing.  The ego-mind uses logic to take you away from truth. The mind will also use brilliant logic to lure you into temptations and habits. Look truthfully into your past and you will recall various instances from your own life.

Another such weapon used by the ego-mind is Doubt. Doubt is a tool which serves a purpose of leading you to the truth. But doubt is not an end in itself. Healthy doubt should lead you further towards sincere investigation. Blind doubt is undesirable. Similarly Faith is a tool of the conscience which leads you to access Greater truth.

To go from doubt to faith you need the help of your higher mind. Over indulgence in doubts leads to weakening of you connection with your higher self and God. The ego-mind is often successful in planting doubt in a human regarding his own higher self. Hence we find a state where humans are disconnected and clueless about who they really are and are content to live life blindly assuming themselves to be a body, its desires and achievements. From a higher perspective, such a life is a waste of the opportunity one has as a human.

Remember the ego-mind is quick in forming habits. Once bad habits make place in your life, it may take incarnations of waging an inner war before you may be able to dislodge them. Hence living a life of spiritual balance, discipline and introspection is highly advocated by your ever-free saints.


One may wonder that if the ego gives a human worldly happiness – why change it? You must change in view of the fact that your earthly life is not your only existence. You exist at the higher mental and spiritual dimensions as well. Life on earth is a risk. Your actions on earth are capable to absolving you on all levels as well as tainting you on all levels. Also wrong actions lead to heavy karmic reactions which the human must eventually suffer. Know, that EACH and EVERY suffering on your earth – be it diseases, deaths, murders, rapes are a Karmic result.

It takes minimum effort to stain a pure piece of white cloth, but tremendous effort to remove that stain and bring the cloth back to its original pure state. Hence, be aware.


Humans are known to complain as to why they are not aware of their past life errors, knowing which will encourage them to take to good actions in this life.

Life on earth is a test. If you became aware of your past karma, the testing and training you are to go through, then your journey on earth would have no meaning. You are here to purify your self and help rise into highest divine awareness. If you were aware of your past mistakes then the choice of exercising free will in doing good will be absent. You must do good not out of fear of past actions but for its own sake.

REMEMBER: Even if you have lived a wrong life, it is never too late to change.. reawaken your Conscience by your sincere repentance. You need not confess to a priest, confess to the Self within and it will come to your aid again. Repentance also does not mean to be sorry for what one did, but it means to truly change and rectify the wrongs and to never repeat that mistake again.

If not this, then the only other way the Conscience has a chance of awakening is if a drastic tragedy hits and shatters your life, and the Conscience is then awakened by your tears.

To learn more please read the wonderful book - The Laws of the Spirit World - Khorshed Bhavnagri

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