Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Akashic records of my facebook wall

The following are status posts that I put up on my fb wall over the years:

Unless ones heart has become a little pure, one cannot even believe in the existence of God. ~ Sri Ramakrishna  Paramahansa

Have no desires to place before God.  Whatever He does with you, however He treats you, is the gift that He likes best to give you. ~ Baba

We come on earth not merely to become Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen and the likes...
The 'University of Earth' is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul.

Speak to Me and then listen, and surely you will hear My voice. Do not listen with your monkey mind for then you will say 'I cannot hear Your voice Baba' and will become anxious. Listen always with your Heart. PRACTICE listening and You Will hear My voice. ~ Baba

Those anticipating a Golden age need to constantly ask themselves what they are doing to contribute to this change. We have not come here only to witness the Golden age, but infact to facilitate it.
Realise this privilege.
The Light that the Earth needs from the divine to bring about this change, will be channeled through us by our constant right and loving thoughts, words and actions ..

Know in your hearts that I give you EXACTLY what is the best possible, for the outcome of Your spiritual quest ~ Baba

The 3 greatest blessings a soul can have is:
1. To receive a Human body
2. Having received a Human body - to have desire for God
3. Having such desire - to have the guidance of a God realised Guru.
Only then comes the final blessing:
-When you bless yourself - by putting to practice the sacred teachings thus received from the Guru, in your daily life.

By being in fear you feed your energy to the very source which is causing you fear. Dont look at the shadows, Turn Around and look at the bright sun that is shining upon you. You may say where is the sun? It is there inside you.. IT IS YOU.
Ask yourself 'What lesson am i expected to learn from these experiences causing me fear?' Perchance it will point to some flaw which you need to work on or some weakness within that you need to heal and strengthen.
The world is your Playground. Your are the invincible hero, the Atma. Play with Joy, with Love, with peace because at the end your victory is assured!

Cherokee Indian Proverb "A woman's highest calling is to lead a man to his soul..., so as to unite him with Source; her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from soul and leave him aimlessly wandering. A man's highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man's lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman."

"A life without troubles and vicissitudes is tasteless, insipid. Troubles come, let them come, they will be your stepping stones for your upward climb" ~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Two men looked out of the window bars - one saw dust, the other saw stars.
The worldly mind is easily drawn towards the negatives of everything, a Saintly mind on the other hand chooses to see only good. As a Saint said "Only by seeing the good in everything have I laughed and preserved my sanity, for gravitating to negatives in life can drive you crazy!" Whats your choice these days?

A man becomes liberated even in this life when he knows that God is the doer of All things. ~ Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

These are special times. On one hand we are being made aware of evils and wrongs all around us and we are expected to stand against it; on the other hand we are expected to be embodiments of Love and Peace. I have a new found respect for Mahatma Gandhi!

Being in a state of Gratitude / Appreciation creates a vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual essence. ~ Tom Kenyon / Hathors

Simply reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do so. That is - you are not looking to something in your environment or your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for- you just choose to be so. Doing so brings tremendous beneficial changes in your body, mind, heart, moods and consciousness. Your ability to deal with all of life's problems receives a great boost.

A Harvard university research called the Psychology of happiness has revealed that people who are happy - choose to experience appreciation about things in their life and express appreciation to others!

Scientific research says that when you are in a state of Appreciation and / or Gratitude - You are more creative, your ability to solve problem goes up and you are more intelligent.

Reason is a bad guide in spiritual matters unless it is rinsed of any tinge of ego : Baba


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  3. I do not know. Akashic records are things that can be seen in the picture? Beautiful picture and wonderful wisdom, by the way.


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