Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Encounter..

"By what name do people call you"

"Many names" was the answer.

"Then I shall call you Sir"

"As you like."

I asked him something to determine his age.

"I am ageless, neither birth nor death touch me."

"A tree is rooted Sir, How old are your roots?"

"That is not to be known" He gently reproved me.

"Tell me then Sir, the secret of your youth."

"Well, well, if there isn't my old friend!" He suddenly exclaimed

When I looked for his friend my breath stopped and my teeth chattered. His friend was a huge tiger! To my eyes she looked as large as a horse. Noting my terror my friend assured me that I was in no danger.

"Do you mean this fearsome beast is your friend?"

"Why not?"

"Who are you?" I asked in awe!

"Thyself!" His voice was gentleness itself.

Hardly believing my eyes, I saw him approach the tiger and fondly stroke its fur and the beast responded by every show of returned affection. "Come, come.. meet my friend" He beckoned me.

Tremblingly I ventured forward.

"See how sweet she is" he said, "such a good mother. She has a baby and two of her sisters who passed away. Show us the babies, will you?"

Obediently, the tiger stalked along before us and I silently followed. Since my courage had deserted me I couldn't question, though my thoughts were many. Half a mile we were led by the tiger to a wooded hill thickly overgrown with brush. There is a deep ditch frolicked three tiger cubs, one about a month old and two older ones. 

The cubs were harmless enough and very loveable in their rounded furriness. I asked permission to play with them. The youngest was a bit frightened, but soon warmed up and played along. A little later my comrade bade me come away from the cubs as we resumed our journey to the cave.

" You are a Master," I asserted, " I am sure of it."


"Because the tiger did not harm us."

"That is nothing. They attack only those who desire to kill them. If you have love in your heart for them and no fear, they won't harm you. Love in your heart for everyone brings love in return."

"Master, will you explain the secret of making a tiger like you?"

"If  man will relinquish the idea of killing, the love of every creature will be his."

" How long will it take to do this?"

He answered that if in twelve years the hand, eyes and tongue have not harmed anyone, the power will be gained. many who do not destroy with the hands, do so with their eyes and words. Neither beast nor man will ever attack such a one, nor will opposition of any kind be presented.

"Must one, Master, do anything else except abstain from killing any living creature?"

"Yes, my son, he should have love in his heart for everyone, but he should not fix his affection on any particular one, holding all in love. Nor should he fear death at anytime, realising that he is not bound by the narrow walls of flesh and bones, but is soul or spirit, of all and in all. His song should be ~

There is no jealousy, no fear.
I am the dearest of the dear;

No rival, no foe,
No injury, no woe,

Om, Om, Om!

Nothing can harm me,
Nothing alarm me,
The soul of all,
The nectar falls,

Om, Om, Om!

The heavens and stars,
Worlds near and far
Are hung and strung
On the songs I sung,

Om, Om, Om!

: Great Masters of the Himalayas

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  1. Twelve years. Doable, if we are serious. Baba had also once mentioned twelve years of sense-control being good enough for self-realization. But the senses include the mind, our good friend. :-)



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