Friday, March 8, 2019

The Feminine & Masculine Principles

When you read about  the feminine principle and feminism, there is some confusion. 
Females are the physical form. Feminism is a movement led by the female form and Feminine principle is an intelligent energy embodied by all creatures of the earth, females and males, animals and even the flora and fauna, in different degrees. This principle represents Love, beauty, creativity, healing, compassion. The primary custodians of the feminine energy are females. The feminine principle is not the opposite of the masculine principle, but rather they co-nourish life on earth. The Goddesses of various cultures are beings who purely embody various aspects of the feminine principles in their being. The Gods are pure representations of the Masculine energy. 

Since ages, the powerful has oppressed the weak. Anything powerful tends to dominate anything weak. This would include - women, men, children, animals and mute nature. Such abuse continues today wherein we plunder nature and make animal life extinct through our reckless greed. This is not masculine energy itself.. rather it is the abuse of masculine energy to gain more power and to get illicit control over gifts of the feminine energy - things beautiful and precious in sheer misuse of personal power.

Feminist movement began to support females and their place in the society and not so much to protect and nourish the Feminine principle. In their efforts to find equality for females in the society, the masculine principles of power and aggression were adapted as it suited their purposes better. Females in their efforts to be at par with men, became men-like in their approach to life. So as feminism grew and the place of females in the society grew better, the role and influence of the Feminine principle in society kept decreasing.

Today Masculine energy is in vogue. Both males and females seek it to posses power, success, money to serve their ends. Humans no longer create beauty by or through themselves, but shell out money to possess such beauty in any form.. through art, music, painting, nature, even temporary associations with the members of the opposite sex lured by the attraction of wealth and power. Beauty is not created, it is simple purchased. 

In ideal societies, men and women honour and nourish the two principles because they are cultured, unselfish and seeking expansion and evolution in wholesome and inclusive ways. Thus both males and females become ideal representatives of  both the principles.

The imbalances in the two principles occur when a society is corrupted in the mind, and selfish in their approach. 

If you look into the life of the saints, most of them played a vital role in nourishing the feminine principle in a society. In the past when humanity lived closer to perfection, a divine incarnate would showcase the highest potential of both the principles. Think of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. They were embodiments of the best of masculine and feminine; of strength and wisdom combined with beauty, compassion and grace. In the darker ages, when many divine incarnates came to earth, they focussed more on repairing the depleted feminine energy through their life's example. Buddha, Nanak, Chaitanya, Christ, Anandamayi Ma, Meera and many others, their lives are proof of the same. The world remembers them more for their superhuman display of love and compassion as much as for their wisdom. The feminine principle shone like a blazing sun through Christ when bleeding on the crucifix He uttered the words of compassion - "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." With those words a tsunami, an avalanche of healing feminine energy swept the erring humanity. 

Today, unknown to many, a great shift of consciousness is taking place. Many wise beings have observed that this will lead to the rise in the feminine principle. There will be a transformation in the way women and men lead their lives. The focus will shift from need to posses power to the need to give Love. In doing so the Masculine and Feminine will find the much needed balance resulting in a Golden Age.

This video to me is the best explanation of the Divine Feminine Principle embodied by women -


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  2. I was just thinking exactly the same thing! I loved your Babaji story read it just now. I want to put a link to that on Facebook. Many Yogananda devotees would find as I did a lovely inspiration.

    1. Sure Carl, please feel free to use its link. Thank you for your response!


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