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Notes on Dreams

 A compilation of notes I had written  sometime in the past

DREAMS ~ In a recent group discussion, a yogi shed light on some amazing details of our Consciousness from what we experience daily but don’t pay much attention to. 

Our subconscious state has many layers. In sleep state we are accessing the astral and causal layers of our being.  The quality of experience during sleep in each of these layers changes as the body and its chemical constitution change due to varying moods of the individual.  Sleep ranges from the very light sleep (bordering on insomnia) to dreamless sleep which is ideal. There are deeper states that aren’t accessible to normal humans in our current state of evolution.
Dreams take place when we are traversing one of such layer of the subconscious. The dream state itself is multi layered. So you can have dreams which make no sense to dreams which are profound. Anytime you have a dream which is very impactful or revealing specially in the spiritual sense, you will find that such a dream occurs mostly during 3:30 to 5:30 am. At this time the frequency in the environment is suitable in revealing the subtle and is also why yogis prefer this time to meditate. 
When we wake and remember our dream, we will notice that the length of the dream is not the same as the length of our sleep. Let’s say we sleep 7 hours. Have you seen a 90 mins movie and how much info it contains, so how long should the 7 hour dream be? But it isn’t. Most of our dreams seem from 10- 20 mins long yet they dominate our memory of sleep. While our sleeping body is governed by time, that part of our subconscious mind which is active in sleep is not operating in any time frame. This is part of the reason our dream experiences seem a little weird or distorted,  and then a few minutes of dream can seem like a whole life story. 

One of the layers of our subconscious is a state where we can fully or semi control parts of our dreams. This enables a vivid, life-like experience of the events of the dream. Most of us at some point or another will have experienced this. It is a very fascinating, hard to forget experience, specially tactilely and emotionally the experience is very vivid. 

Because of their amazing control over their awareness, yogi's know how to access this state and make use of it to finish a past karma, specially those related to other people. These could include pleasant to unpleasant experiences. 
A well known yogi from the 70’s once shared with his disciple that he had a pending karma with one soul who was currently born in France. It seemed improbable to interact and finish that karma with her in this life and since he did not intend to  come back again, he interacted with her in the dream state and finished the karma, which was one of intimacy. 
People can misunderstand and judge such things without considering that every spiritual seeker has had many normal past lives from which many karmas may still be pending. They have every right to finish a karma, specially if they have the ability and wisdom to do it, and which would anyways have manifested in time. Keen to evolve to higher states of existence, a yogi can thus use this option to clear a karma which may be holding him. In such cases the soul on the other side also receives a similar experience in their dream state.

I also know of a case where a Master revealed to his bachelor disciple that he would soon be entering into a relationship. The young disciple bluntly refused this suggestion and was very resistant and agitated by the idea. 6 years later this boy met a girl in Mumbai at a festival and immediately recognized her as someone from the past. But he kept his distance. Destiny had other plans. The girl also saw him and initiated a relation. For the next few years this boy and the girl were together and they would have vivid dreams where they had an elaborate marriage, she becomes pregnant, they are blessed with a baby, they bring it to the Master, the Master names him, in various dreams the Master affirms to him that she is the one for him. Then one day in a  dream the Master tells him to cease and move away from this relation as Trust would be a factor going ahead. The girl goes abroad for studies, finds a 'friend' and despite giving assurances at first, she suddenly breaks her relation with this boy and begins a new relation with her new friend. He falls into depression for 4 years, before the Master helps him realise that this was a pending karma which could have taken a lifetime of its own, but the Master helped him live it now while he was living in His presence. A life long karma was exhausted in 6 years of their relation and their dreams.

Yogi's can great control over the subconscious states. They can be asleep and remain fully conscious as well, just like they can be alive but cease their heartbeats. For them entering certain layers of subconscious can be a clear an experience as going to a room and retrieving something is for us. Thus can they use this dream state to their advantage. Dreams can also be a connecting point of transferring some higher wisdom by masters to their disciples, irrespective of whether the master is himself living or existing in the beyond. But most of us humans are unable to access these subtle layers of dreams  consciously. This is because mostly our sleep is an escape for a body that is in dire need of rest. If we treated sleep more purposefully our experience of it can open new vistas.




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