Sunday, February 6, 2011

1. Who am I ?

As a child, i often thought,
for what purpose, was life brought,
Its days and nights, its lows and highs,
the where's, the when's, the how's, the why's.

This vast Universe, this little me,
a drop of water, the whole Sea.
The trees, the mountains, the stars, the sky,
Who is the Creator? and who am i?

These torturing thoughts, came day and night,
The answers i sought, no where in sight.
The men of the world, so called wise,
made mighty attempts, but left me in sighs.

The answers, i thought, with every breath,
would i find, before being swallowed by death?
In pain, i cried to the unknown Divine,
"O quench my thirst, with Thy wisdom wine."

The words of Jesus, wise and kind.
'Seek Thou and ye Shall find.'
Dark clouds of ignorance, were now to fly,
The sunlight of wisdom, was coming by.

That day of spring, i still recall,
The sun, the birds, the flowers tall,
smiled at me, as if to say..
'Rejoice Thou, This is the Day!'...


Perhaps an ideal way to start, for this is not just my intro, but the tone of what will be much written about in these pages. I mention myself only to state where i am coming from. 

I have no illusions of being special. Yet when i view my life detachedly, many would agree that i was different. I never mixed in, never had a feeling of belonging.. Most of all my thought patterns were very different from kids my age. I could never take life at face value, and always felt that there is something more to life than what seemed apparent, or what everyone seemed to be pursuing. My young mind often contemplated God, but i couldn't get to terms with Him. He just didnt seem to fit into the picture. So i was an atheist, even at the age of 12. Science seemed to hold a promise and only after i indulged in it, did i realize its absolute shortcomings.

These were frustrating times, but a necessity for my souls learning curve. I expressed the state of my life in the words above.

And thus began my journey. i write not as one who has found his goal, but as one who has begun his journey and has overcome many obstacles which, as i look behind, i see holding so many back.

I began sharing my experiences with a few. They told me they found it helpful and some urged me to blog. i wasn't sure, but then decided to do my bit. I have learned that just as being egoistic isn't spiritual, being humble to the point that you keep back the wisdom you've learned; is also unhealthy.

And so i write under the title "The Science and Adventure of God". The purpose is not just to speak of God, but also to throw light on those aspects of our thoughts and actions, which keep Him away from our understanding. 

As a Saint said  "God is simple, our minds are complex."

Dear Readers, i seek your blessings in this endeavour

Remember we are living in Special Times. God bless you always.

© Copyright Naresh 2011


  1. Brother - Great blogs - please keep writing!

  2. AWSM..!!!...:-) .... love this poem a lot....really wonderful :-)

  3. AWSM...!!!! wonderful poetry....:-)


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