Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2. On the Spiritual Path..

I sometimes wonder why many people don't take to spiritual truths deeply despite exploring and I find that most of them try to conform the truths they learn to their way of thinking and understanding. If they don't, people reject them.

One must have the same approach to spiritual truths as a scientist does in the field of science. A good scientist never makes judgment at the outset. Instead he goes in with a neutral view, keeping aside any likes or prejudices and  then explores, analyses and studies his subject. Only after such unbiased analysis, He gives his verdict. Should spiritual exploration be any different?

Neither can men say " i don't believe in this ". As a great sage said, the right approach to take is not whether you believe in it but rather - is this the Truth.  Because truth does not need the sanction of your belief. Truth remains truth whether you believe in it or not.

Religions may be different, but spirituality is the same. I believe that the point where all religious experiences become common is the point where spirituality begins.

Ignorance has made people see being spiritual either as a mode of relief from their stressed life or even as a matter of lifestyle. Unless spirituality is pursued for its own sake, you will never touch its mysterious depths which have ever delighted saints and seers.

Then there are those who believe that just as some people pursue a career in the field of science or arts or medicine; some people pursue religion or spirituality; that spirituality has nothing to do with them.

Fact is every person is on the spiritual path whether they know it or not, believe it or not. 
Every single person is seeking God.
God is pure Joy.
The worldly man seeks Him in the world,
The religious man seeks Him in temples, books and nature,
The spiritual man seeks Him within.

Eventually all will find Him.

The worldly man will become religious, the religious - Spiritual and the spiritual will become God!

Remember we are living in special times..

God Bless you..


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  3. so eloquently expressed...our tendency to jump to judgement or conclusion based on our preconceived notions is our failure - it is true not only in spiritual pursuit but in all our interactions with the world around us! I really like what you write - truth resonates through these words - can you add a tab where this can be shared on portals like facebook? Thank you


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