Monday, January 7, 2013

Hugging Mother Divine

I had gone to meet the hugging saint, Amma today. As she took us through a devotional meditation focusing on the Mother Divine, I realized that in some hours from now I would be hugging the same Mother Divine in the form of Amma. Thrilled at the thought, an inner inspiration arose. I asked myself - what will i offer Her? I cannot meet Her empty handed. I had often read that God says flowers, rose waters, incense are all already His.. so what of my own do i have to offer. 

The words of Brother Lawrence came to my mind - He often prayed to the ever present God, in view of his weaknesses " Lord, i shall need your help in overcoming these sins, for if you leave me on my own, i shall remain at sin".
Yes! my weaknesses are my own. Them I can freely offer to Her. Swami had said the similar thing to one of the devotees that she should gift Him her bad habits and faults.

Amongst my various human weaknesses, I decided to offer either my anger or the attacks of lust both of which takes immense efforts of self control and as both are major and powerful obstacles on one's spiritual path. Removal of anger leads to inner calm and peace, removal of physical sensations leads to inner purity. I found the idea of Inner Purity more appealing. And so i sat for some hours looking at Amma hugging Her children, praying deeply to Divine Mother within telling Her to that I offer Her my weaknesses and that without Her help i will continue to be at sin.

After hours of waiting, my number came. I stood in line in eager anticipation. It reminded me how during Swami's darshans we would often go prepared with something to say or do, but when He emerged we would lose all senses and so be in the Now moment that all our plans were forgotten? The same happened to me here. The closer i got the more deeply i looked at her forgetting my prayers and offerings. There is so much joy in even watching Her hug and share Her divine love with the millions who come. They asked me " what language!" .. Now this is fun.. when you tell them your language then Amma, as she hugs, whispers Her loving words in your ears in the same language. It is very sweet and endearing. So i said 'Punjabi'

The moment She finished hugging the person in front of me, i quickly put the garland around Her, and in a childlike way she quickly clasped me to Her bosom, gently rocking me like a baby,  whispering in my ears:

" Mera puttar, mera puttar, mera pure puttar!"
" My son, My son, My Pure son!"

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