Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beyond 2012 – What now?

Post 21st Dec 2012, many have sought understanding of what truly happened. The plethora of information given out by too many channelers and mediums in regards to what will happen on Dec 21st - apocalypses, illuminati, pole shifts, UFO landings etc; has now left people confused and disappointed. Many have labeled 2012 to be yet another hoax. I have received comments like ‘I was expecting so and so, but am disappointed nothing happened.’  It is noteworthy how the word expectation is often followed by the word disappointment. So what really did happen on Dec 21st?

To understand this we first have to acknowledge how life around us functions.

Nature works slowly yet surely and is not flashy in its ways. We see transitions during the day and yearly seasons take place smoothly. Dec 21st is a day of solstice. Also on this day the earth transitions from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This does not necessarily call for a display of cosmic fireworks in the sky. Like I said Nature works slowly even quietly. 

Let me explain this with an example. There is a desert in the Rajasthan region which divides India and Pakistan. Now if a man walks from the Pakistani side into that desert all he will see is a vast stretch of sandy area. He keeps walking and at one point he will cross from Pakistan to India in a single step. Does that mean that that single step will suddenly show stark changes around him. No, he will continue to see a vast deserty region. It is only when he has walked deep into the Indian side will he begin noticing a change in the air, colors, smells and aura of the new land which will tell him he is now in a new land, India. 

Another example - 4 am is considered as morning time, yet if we step out into the open, we will notice no changes in the sky. It will still look like deep night. Yet 4 am is the Brahmamuhurat time from where night changes to dawn. This is a time when people who are asleep begin waking up. The flora and fauna also beings to change. Life is stirred up. So also Dec 21st is the cosmic Brahmamuhurat time where we go from the Kali age into the Golden Age. It is a time from where humanity will begin to awaken.

In 2007, during a discourse in Brindavan, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba stated that the Golden Age will be in flow 27 years from now (2034). This is one of the most remarkable statements or predictions I have heard Him make. But consider the implications. If we look at our world and the mess it is in and then if we consider living in the Golden age in as little as 27 (now 21) years, it tells us what drastic changes will take place within this limited time. 
The period between now and then will be one of transitions. We will witness and participate in the change that will take place at the Social, Economic, Political, Biological, Natural and Spiritual levels.

It is said in the past Mother Earth would evacuate the planet before undertaking such a shift/change and would repopulate herself once the changes had taken effect. Many wise beings have stated that this time around Earth and the Masters of Ascension have chosen to permit humanity to participate in this change. Many beings from various worlds and dimensions have thus volunteered to be born on earth as humans to participate in this unique event which gives us fantastic opportunities of evolution. This is also the reason that many Masters have taken birth in human forms on Earth and are guiding humanity from a spiritual perspective. In this approach the calamities, which are natural during the shift, are spread over various years and cleansing takes place piecemeal.


Dec 21st was a day of a grand Galactic alignment. This alignment is similar to the eclipses we see every year, except on a galactic scale. Just as eclipses release immense amount of beneficial energies which aid evolution, so also the galactic alignment during the 3 days starting Dec 21st, flooded the earth with potent energy which will act as a catalyst of change over time.

All beings that were attuned to this event have partaken that energy. This energy came not to affect the physical life on earth. It came to affect us at our core/consciousness level so as to accelerate our evolution and help us ascend to higher levels of existence.. The effects of this event will unfold in days, months even years to come.

This is somewhat like us taking a pill when in pain. The pill when absorbed works quietly and subtly without us feeling anything. But slowly we realize that the pain we had, is no more. Similarly this energy will work on us, with us, taking us towards higher levels of consciousness leading to the Golden Age.

But here is the key: No one in an ordinary state of Consciousness will be aware of the Golden Age in the outside world. Only those who with spiritual efforts have first managed to create a Golden Age ‘within’ will then be able to see or reflect the same Golden Age in the world outside. This is because the world we see is simply our reflection, resound and reaction.

Very simply put: We will have to first create a Golden Age within ourselves before we can see it in the world without.


The spiritual path of transformation has always been an inner path. It is for this reason that many of us were advised to go within during the 3 days of shift so as to effectively internalize the energies being received. This is quite contrary to what many channelers and mediums had people do. They had people looking outside for some event to happen or for some celestial beings to come. When the attention is outside, the opportunity to focus within is lost.

Most humans are sitting in the auditorium looking at the stage of life, waiting for the Golden Age drama to begin, not realizing that in fact it is they themselves who they are waiting for; for we have not merely come to witness a Golden Age, but to facilitate it. We are not the audience, but the key players in this divine drama. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

I would also like to briefly mention about the 2 most heinous acts that took place just before the days of shift: the shooting in the school in the US and the rape in Delhi. These acts were designed by the dark forces to capture the imagination of the world and to pull the mass consciousness down into one of rage and anger, guilt and depression so that they miss the opportunity that the shift presents. 

As mentioned before, the current time will be one of transition and transmutation.

When we wish to clean up a long neglected portion of our house that looks dirty, what happens? We first switch on the lights and start clearing up the things in the room to reveal hidden places. Often we are shocked and overwhelmed by the mess we see which may be much more than what seemed on the surface. Many immediately give up and switch off the lights and close the room. But to those who wish for a permanent change, they will continue with the cleaning slowly and surely, realizing in the process all the wrongs they had done in neglecting the room.

The same will happen as we step forward to clean up life on Earth. Time and again we will be confronted by brutal truths like the 2 events above or natural disasters, and will be expected to face and deal with them with wisdom.

The shooting in the US school cannot be completely blamed on that 20 year old boy. The rape in Delhi cannot be solely blamed on those few foolish men, evil as their act was; for fact is they represent the state of our society; they are the products of the system we have collectively created. They represent a certain aspect of our life which we neglected, even repressed. Unless mankind learns to introspect honestly and takes healing steps, life will continue to reveal one ugly truth after another. This time around we cannot afford to simply point fingers at another human, group, community, organization, religion, country etc. What you see is a reflection, resound and reaction of who YOU are. So you must start with yourself. Change yourself and you will change the world. 

From the 60’s to 90’s, a new class of children called the Indigo’s took birth on our planet. The nature of these indigos is transmutation. These children are now part of the mainstream society and will lead the way during these transformative times. Another class of children called the Crystal and Rainbow children began taking birth from the year 2000 onwards. These are very high and pure souls whose nature is Pure Love. As the societies are transformed by the efforts of the indigo’s, the crystal children will take over and fill and lead the world with Love. They will be harbingers of the Golden Age in years to come.

In this stage of transition we are not alone. The new forces of light which has enveloped the earth will strongly aid us. The Saints, Masters, Angels and Light beings from higher realms have always been around us to silently support and guide us. We will feel this light only when we act as souls and not as ego’s as we have been doing all along.  The time is here when we have to move from the ‘I & ME’ to the ‘US & WE’ consciousness. Perhaps this New age onwards we can take a new approach and stop fighting darkness. Instead we can individually and collectively dispel it by shining our own inner light!

Its time to become Love. 


  1. Amazingly lucid and well defined. Thanks.

  2. Tons of gratitude abound - profoundly enlightening/awesome.
    This is a beacon to the entire LW community aka wake-up call from the hysteresis.
    Namaste !!!

  3. Your post is so in alignment with my own understandings and written in such a clear way that I think many people who may be feeling lost right now can "get" a certain support that is so needed, I absolutely loved the cartoon and greatly admire the clarity of your thought and your ability to convey that in writing. I think your example of the crossing from Pakistan to India is an absolutely brilliant way to describe the process we're experiencing.

    I'm being inspired to ask you if you might be willing to check out my website to see if you might want to be a guest blogger. I have just started with it, so it's pretty basic at this point.

    Whether you will or not, thank you so much for your (as Yezdi says) amazingly lucid post. Many Blessings, Deneen

    1. Hey Deneen,
      Thanks for your kind words.. will surely check your website..

      Love and light


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