Friday, February 1, 2013


To live in constant integrated awareness or what Brother Lawrence called Practicing the Presence; is a highly desirable state for most seekers.

In view of the hectic schedule of a film shoot ahead of me and the fact that this work was spiritual in nature, i thought that i had a perfect opportunity to put this principle to practice.

However i found it was not that easy. The din of activity prevents you from being inwardly attuned to His presence. I sadly reflected that such state comes naturally only to the highly advanced souls after tremendous efforts.

During one of those mornings, as i sat in stillness after my meditation, chanting the Gayatri, I heard an inner commentary from some source that i know was not my tired mind. It seemed to answer my thoughts. Though the commentary on the Gayatri was similar to what we read, yet it had a slight variation as if to give me a solution.

Om Sayeeshwaraya vidhmahe
I am always all around you
Satya devaya dheemahi
If you attune with me even for a moment
Tannoh sarva prachodayat
I will illuminate you with my light

Most of us who live a busy life, often give ourselves a break - lunch break, tea break, and some even smoke breaks. How about giving ourselves a GOD break! A tea break may take 10-15 mins, but a God break can be taken for even 10-15 seconds. All we have to do for those few seconds is to disconnect from the outer world and just BE in the living presence of GOD in the form you relate with. You dont have to chant a name or say a mantra. Just be with HIM, heart, mind, soul and thoughts. If you are carrying some nagging worries, be sure to place it at HIS feet and forget it, as you attune purely with HIM. And when you are ready to go back, ensure that you leave the worries behind at HIS feet as your offering. 

Those few seconds that you invest will be enough to draw HIS presence within you throughout the day.. for isnt it God who said " Take one step towards me, and I will take a thousand towards you!"


  1. I realized that believing in theories and hypothesis is utter foolishness.... This is realized after spending 18 years in philosophy... Please dont say anything about God as it is a only a speculation

    1. Hi,

      you seem to give a great deal of value to the 18 years in fathoming the one who is beyond time and is ageless..

      There's a saying " if you dont find the Pearls, dont blame the sea, find fault with your diving"

      All truth is speculation, until one realises it personally.

      may you find joy wherever you are in your journey of life!

  2. Beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder. "God break, indeed" And what a lovely collage to go with the write-up.


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