Monday, March 23, 2020

An Invitation to an Inner Journey

What if you got a secret map to a magical exotic place where mysteries of the past lay buried along with mans most desired treasures. Wouldn’t it be exciting to undertake that adventure? That’s what we love about Indiana Jones movies, right?
But what if you could undertake such a journey sitting at the Inner world.. the adventure referred to as Meditation. 
Some people are wary of the idea of meditation.. ‘too difficult’ they think.
Just as magical places are always hidden deep and far in remote parts of the earth, so also the magical places in meditation are hidden deep and far within. This is why most early birds who try to meditate, struggle and fail and are utterly put off. They reject it because they are absolutely unable to understand it. But their giving up is only their loss.. the adventure still lies to be explored.

Why is meditation such a tough mystery.. why are only some people able to make it through?
The answer is simple.. we know it only too well. In Patanjali’s 8 step guide most ignore the first 2 steps - Yama and Niyama - the do’s and dont’s. These are steps we have to follow to purify ourselves by accumulating merit/ punya that is the inner fuel we need to travel ahead. This Punya can be earned by following higher values of living. Such values are taught to us time and again in form of divine teachings by great saints across time - Love all, serve all, Help ever, Hurt never, the Ten Commandments of Moses, love thy neighbour and so on. But we don’t think much of these teachings, we rather take them with a pinch of salt. Know why? 
In the human world the secrets of the path to the magical place are hidden/encoded in complex and often difficult theories. So also the secrets of the path to the divine world are similarly coded but in extremely Simple language. Most teachings the great Ones give us look too simple; whereas we are looking for the exciting and complex, to get us interested.

When we practice meditation deeply we realise that the inner world is a lybrynth of subtle inner pathways - first of seeming nothingness and over a period of time - of the subtle world of light known as the astral world. Do you know that when you sleep or rather when your body is sleeping, your awareness becomes dormant, but it exists or dwells in the subtle world. All our dreams occur at the astral level.
Those who have meditated deep and long can access the light kingdoms of the higher astral worlds known as lokas . These lokas are like the 5 star hotels of our world,where only few can afford to go. The currency here is merit. Just like you find celebrities and famous people in many 5 star hotels, similarly many higher beings of repute are found or reside in such lokas.

On a personal level astral world is also the dimension where exists our thoughts, emotions and deep inner feelings . When we go deep often we find our past memories emerge suddenly in full force because they are lying buried there. ( These may be mostly painful events which we buried within, in the past, cause of our inability to deal with it. They are a barrier crossing which we can move ahead in our journey. ) Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude - are the keys to move ahead. 
Meditating deeper still, a sincere yogi can ascend to the vaster almost infinite- causal world, the world of ideas, awareness ~ consciousness. Finally the inner journey of meditation can take us to the Supremest place of Enlightement, where we are awaken to the Ultimate Truth of our Self. Needless to say that this can be achieved with deep, unwavering, disciplined effort over a great period of ones lifetime.

Here’s an interesting info -
When someone tries to meditate sincerely and real hard, but is getting nowhere - what he may not realise is that He is at the moment in the same place as advanced meditators are... except just like blind people cannot see our world, but they are here.. similarly those sincere mediators are in the higher world, but cannot see it (perceive it).. Sadly many of them give up. 
So how does one get eyes (of subtle perception)? Again the secret lies in practicing virtues that raise our purity and reawaken are inherent divinity. Just like in a video game, we need to collect coins to build a castle, similarly in this game we need to collect the merit of purity to fuel our journey and equip us with inner eyes, inner ears , inner perceptions. Some people who have nearly enough of this merit sometimes see hazy lights in meditation. When a person has more than enough of such merit, then while meditating deep he may suddenly pierce the veil and glimpse the divine light of the higher worlds. This is a level of enlightenment. 
Do you know that there are humans who literally co exist in outer and inner worlds. We know them as sages or saints. When you go and seek help from certain sages they will close their eyes and go into the inner world from where they get to perceive the roots of all problems from the higher perspective and come up with solutions for the same. The greater the sage the clearer the inner sight. 

The reason that this kind of inner secret is being shared now is - its time for humanity to move higher. Our current world is undergoing changes.. rather rapidly. Corona is one of the transformative parts of it. Humans can escape Corona’s reach by raising their consciousness higher. It is really that simple (while still using practical discipline in the outer world). One need not fear it but rather raise themselves to a higher frequency of existence.
Such events are sent to break the ages old mold that has grown and has bound us to this material world. These events are like a sharp chisel, hurting but shaping. 

Now some may dismiss the above truths as mere mental ideas with no substance. But the proof is in the tasting. If any of them were to try sincerely they would prove its validity to themselves. But since the discipline required is of a very high order, most are not willing or not capable of putting the necessary effort, they find it convenient to invalidate it. But you should know that there are many across earth at any given point of time who travel the inner world. They are unconcerned about what these people think as such ignorance is suitable to them. Ignorance is nature’s organic checkpost to prevent the unworthy or those not ready from venturing into the higher regions. When such people through personal efforts inform and enlighten themselves fully, then new vistas of existence unlock themselves and make their presence felt to help that soul further his journey.

Your current isolation is a good opportunity to make efforts to becomes aware of yourself. Try meditation. Some of you will be surprised how easily you take to it.
In the beginning you can take any general type of meditation- Jyoti meditation, Aum Meditation. Take any one which enables you to plunge in the translucent pool of silence and float in alive stillness and active nothingness. . Your Patience and persistence is the key - Shradhha Saburi.

Side Note : 
Shraddha and saburi seem like the key teaching of Shirdi Sai, but He could teach us much more.. This is not represent His highest teaching. He taught us this only because we were lacking even in such basic understanding which we needed first to move ahead in our path of evolution. When we follow and succeed in it, these great Ones come visit us in our inner world to take us further ahead on the path with higher teachings. 

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