Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Real Religion and Evil

Long time ago, 3 people living in 3 different continents, set out in search of the ocean. No one had ever seen an ocean and many thought it didn’t exist. Most people scorned and scoffed at the idea, making fun of those who spoke of an ocean existing. But these 3 left in search. The journey was difficult with many hardships and setbacks, through mountains and deserts and plains they travelled, often losing hope but setting out again with the dawning sun.
Then one day it was there. The vast beautiful ocean. They looked in awe, overwhelmed and thrilled at finally finding what they had sought for so long. But something troubled them deep within. They thought of those left behind and how ignorant they were about the ocean. So out of love for them, the 3 decided to go back and carry a little bit of the ocean water with them. They searched for something to carry it in. 
The first found a beautiful green color triangular shaped glass container. Delighted, he used it to carry the ocean water with him.

The second found a white squarish glass container and carried the ocean water in it.

The third found a beautiful blue circular glass container and carried the ocean in it, travelling back to reveal to their societies the truth of the ocean.

When they reached home, they saw that most people didn’t care about them or the water.. they were too busy living and enjoying life; too much in a comfort zone to be bothered or disturbed. So the 3 of them searched for suitable people to who they could share the knowledge of existence of the ocean. They found some people who were sincerely curious to know about the Ocean. To such ones, the travelers revealed all truths and secrets of the way to the ocean and then one day they showed them the ocean water in the containers and allows some to taste and touch it to experience a part of what the ocean is.
In time the 3 travellers were on the verge of death and they told their followers that they should tell their world about ocean; that the ocean he mentioned was the real ocean. Above all his path was the real path to the ocean.

When the travellers die, their followers go into the world and reveal their truth. Many are more likely to believe them now that the travellers are dead. Many follow him to repent for their ignorance and they accept the truth of the ocean with immense zeal. The students emphasise how they tasted the water and how it was in a certain color and shape. How the only path to the ocean is the one the traveller took and how any one claims of a different path to the ocean is false and that those people are wrong and are defying the reality. In time the students also die. Now the society has many followers, but the knowledge of the ocean has undergone certain transformation and loss of translation going from one to another. The water has long evaporated.. the containers now broken and lost with a rare little piece found here and there with some sincere follower. 

Thus life goes on. Now people travel from one continent to the other. They exchange goods and exchange ideas. One time one person states that they know about the ocean which is the real ocean.. it is green in color and triangular in shape. The other person says you are wrong - We know the real ocean and its white in color and square in shape. The 3rd says you are both wrong - the real ocean is known only to us and anyone else who dares to say the ocean is any different and the path to it any different is pure evil because he is destroying truth. At first this topic is a debate.. it heats up into an argument.. soon fights break out.. on one occasion a few people are killed.. and before long wars break out over this. Each side thinks they are being loyal and honouring the traveller who they now love and respect and whose words they are trying to protect. However no one, instead of fighting the other, ever makes the effort of following the travellers words and journey themselves to the ocean. They are happy fighting and in this way many years pass. The wars have stopped, life has progressed, but the inner fight and animosity remains as years pass by which shows up every now and then to demonstrate its ugliness amidst portions of peaceful life.

The above is the reality of our world today -
The 3 travellers are the Masters who journeyed into spiritual depths and found the Ocean - God. Each travelled his own spiritual way to Him and each did find Him. But He is infinite. They choose to understand and represent Him coloured from their point of view.. one had green color, one had white and one had blue.. and they used words differently to convey the truth of His existence. One truth form is triangular, one squares and one circular. The traveller shared it with their disciples, they helped them experience a bit of God as well, and the disciples with such experience get the faith and genuine strength to preach His truth. spread it in the world. They also teach that theirs is the only way, and any other way is false. 

When followers of the Master meet, each claims to know God and His being the only way, and their path the only path,, and how their book says - green color vs white color vs blue color.. and how the reality of God is triangular or squarish or circular.. debates lead to arguments and conflicts, and soon wars like crusades and jihads are fought.

Everyone is willing to fight in the name of God, but no one ever thinks of following the Masters path to find God. If they did so they would find that there is but one God and there are different pathways to Him. We have fought wars in the past, we may have progressed and now try to live together, though with traces of hatred and distrust in the hearts of many.

Thus is our reality!

Religions are many, God is One! - Sai Sathya Sai Baba

God is One, though the paths to Him are many. Countless are the ways in which He can be described. - Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

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