Thursday, October 4, 2012

An evening with the Nature Devas !

An evening with the Nature Devas: How old are they?

The nature Devas in our garden are a jovial, giggly lot. They range in size from a few centimeters (the flower devas) to a foot or two (the elementals) to ten feet in height (the grand Deva of the sacred campus on which we reside in Bangalore).

Yesterday I asked them "How old are you?"

They looked at me quizzically, and then nodded happily in understanding when I added, "In human years?"

Some of the smaller ones seemed to concentrate hard, as if they were doing a long calculation in their head. Then they started chirping out:

"A hundred years!"

"Five hundred years!"

I asked "How old would the youngest of you be?"

"Oh, about 79 years," one of the elementals added. "Only mature Devas are allowed into this garden to work with you humans. But our aging system is very different from yours."

Intrigued, I asked "And how old would the grand Deva of our campus be?" The question was greeted by giggles from the smaller Devas (they tend to laugh constantly anyway).

"Ohhhh, he is very old," said one. Immediately I felt the presence of the grand Deva. As is my habit now, I merged my consciousness into his. This allows a much deeper level of understanding than the two way communication that most of us are used to. I was engulfed by a Divine presence that felt IMMENSE love and concern for every being and thing - big and small - inside the area this Deva was responsible for.

The deep booming voice of the grand Deva said with both gentleness and power, "I am five hundred thousand years old by your count."

Yesterday evening I sat outside in the garden and greeted the Nature Devas a good evening. As usual they gathered around, as excited as little children. I asked them for any suggestions they would like to give me. "I'm open to anything," I said. 

The replies came quickly:

"Spend more time in Nature!"

"Spend less time on your computer."

"Do more yoga."

"Breathe more deeply."

"Use your mobile phone less." (The Deva who said this wrinkled her nose when making this comment)

"Be happy!" (The smaller ones giggled at this)

"Eat more food from the garden. It's vibration will nourish you."

Then the senior most Deva, the one who oversees the overall area in which we live, spoke. "Work with us Devas to get your work done. We will help you in everything that you do. Consult us Devas (angels) before you start a project. Make us your partners. Consult us for every stage of planning, implementation, and follow up. Sit down with a paper and pen, and ask us what we think. Ask us even the most basic of questions. If you've had a project in mind but have been postponing it because you're not sure how to go about it, ask us! Form a partnership with us. We will be happy to be consultants for you."

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