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In the Treta (Silver) age when Lord Rama, with the help of his army, was building the bridge across the ocean towards Lanka, He issued instructions that hills and boulders from all over be used to construct the mammoth bridge.

Giant monkeys of the army would leap towards north, west and east of India to collect such hills and boulders. Once the construction was complete, Lord Ram issued orders that those hills that have been plucked be put back in their places respectfully.

Hanuman was returning from North India carrying a huge hill. Enroute he was informed of Sri Rama's command. He immediately returned the hill to its place. There upon he saw a strange sight. He saw streams of hot water pouring out from the hill. Upon looking closely He found the hill weeping streams of tears. Hanuman addressed the hill asking it why it wept? The hill lamented -

“O mighty Hanuman! When you plucked me from my place to use me in the construction of the bridge, I considered it my great fortune that I would be used in the service of Lord Rama and if perchance His divine feet touched me then even I, a hill, would stand a chance of attaining liberation. Alas! I have that privilege no more.” 

Hanuman felt sad in sympathy and returned.

On seeing Hanuman looking sad Lord Rama inquired the reason and Hanuman narrated the plight of the hill. Lord Ram then said “Hanuman go to that hill and assure it that I will definitely grace it with a chance of service in the future.” With joy Hanuman leapt across to tell the hill this good news.

Days passed turning into months, months into years, years into ages!

It was now the Dwapara age. The hill had waited patiently for ages.

It was a stormy night. Rains hit the earth in torrents threatening to swallow land, man and animal. It was then that Lord Rama appeared now incarnated in  form of a cowherd boy, Krsna, and He held this very mountain of the tip of His fingers for 7 days to protect the village of Gokul.

This hill was called Govardhan.

All the hill had desired was the touch of the Lords feet, the Lord in all his grace held the hill up on his fingers and for seven days. Whats more, Lord Krishna was named ‘Giridhari’ thereafter.

Such is the power of faith and devotion, such the Lords grace!

The next time you pray to God and begin doubting whether He will respond to your prayers, remember the Govardhan hill.

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  1. cute :) .... true; HIS Grace alwz fall in abundance but only waiting part is painful


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