Sunday, October 21, 2012

Krishna's protection

" During the Mahabharata war Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna. Krishna diverted all the arrows aimed at Arjuna towards Himself protecting Arjuna in the process. As a result every arrow wounded Krishna and He was bleeding profusely. 

As Krishna was the charioteer, He had to receive instructions from Arjuna regarding the direction in which the chariot should move. In those days there were no indicators like left and right as we have today. Therefore, Arjuna had to press the region beside the right eye of Krishna with his iron boot to indicate that the chariot should move to the right. Similarly, he had to press the region beside the left eye to indicate to Krishna to turn the chariot to the left. As a result Krishna's face was also bleeding. The whole body of Krishna was drenched in blood. No one observed this, as it was wartime and all were busy in discharging their duties and also due to the fact that Krishna was seated at a height much lower than that of Arjuna.

Therefore, only Arjuna could be seen and not Krishna. Krishna protected Arjuna as promised by Him earlier. When Arjuna and Duryodhana approached Krishna for help before the war, Duryodhana opted for Krishna's seven lakh strong army, whereas Arjuna preferred Krishna to the army.

Then Krishna assured him "Arjuna, you don't need to fear. The army is comparable to the compartment of a chariot whereas I am the Horse. Compartments can move only when the Horses  pulls them. So, do not worry, the engine is with you, Arjuna". Arjuna also responded saying "Krishna, it is enough if you are with me."
Therefore, all the dangers that were to befall Arjuna were taken upon himself by Krishna. Many such incidents of God protecting His devotees have taken place in all the ages."

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