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5th dimension - Protocols

A Conversation between Sananda & Author Aurelia from the Book,  "TELOS Volume 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension"
Sananda: Understand that there is a reason why you don't like those individuals and you have had some unpleasant encounters with them. There may have been some abrasiveness perhaps, and they may have rubbed you the wrong way. Or they may have been some kind of an irritant in your life such as someone trying to exploit you, etc. Now, take that irritation and identify it. Ask yourself what is it about that person that really irritates me, annoys me or makes me angry?
Ask yourself what emotions does it bring up inside of you? How do you feel about yourself in the presence of that per­son? It will become evident to you that this person makes you feel a certain way that you do not like. Well, of course, they can't make you feel anything negative, because they do not have that power. You alone have this power. If you feel an irritation, it is because the emotions are already present within you.
Those people on your list are merely your trigger and your mirror for you to recognize what you still have to heal with­in self in order to move to a higher vibrational frequency. It really has nothing to do with the other person at all. Now, dig deeply and really look inside of yourself and analyze how you are feeling, and how other people and other mirrors in your life have triggered the very same thing. Perhaps not exactly in the same manner, but in a similar way, and look throughout your life how many times has this happened.

Aurelia - Hundreds of times perhaps.

Sananda - Indeed, and then ask yourself the question, what have I judged or hated within myself that has created this mirror? You know very well that it is all about you, about how you feel about yourself on the deepest of levels. It is never about the other person. When you really go deep, you will come to understand that this merely represents a misunderstanding within yourself, a judgment you have held about yourself or some anger you have held towards yourself. It is about a false belief you have created about yourself. When you heal a rift that you have with another person, it is not the other person that you are healing; it is you. The other person may or may not benefit from this, but it is not your problem. The main character is you, creating your own healing.

These experiences are merely catalysts that you, yourself created, because you want to resolve the false beliefs you hold about yourself, those buried deep within the subconscious or unconscious minds. That is why they are created, to trigger a new level of healing. God is not sending you people who annoy you for his own entertainment. You, yourself, just through your own divine intent to realize your enlightenment, magnetically attract those individuals that are going to provoke your own limitations and bring them to the surface of conscious awareness, in order that you can experience what needs to be healed. From the experience, you will make a new decision for yourself if you are ready.
When you are faced with a mirror, and identify how they make you feel at first, go deeply into the feelings. The per­sons portraying the mirrors do not really intend to annoy you; they are just being who they are. When you decide you no longer want to believe this separated understanding about yourself, you no longer want to feel about yourself the way you have felt, you begin to change that false identity. You start perceiving your own worth and acknowledge that you are greater in worth and in value than the mirrors that were presented to you. And in deep emotion, in deep love and acceptance, you really make a new choice of identity about yourself. A very interesting miracle will occur.
The next time you are in the presence of that person there will be no energy; it will be completely gone because you have handled the issue within yourself. Now, another way you can resolve something when you are faced with a mirror is to ask yourself, how am I that also? Be willing to ex­perience the mirrors within yourself according to your own uniqueness. Let us say, for example, you witness someone stealing something, a thief. This really annoys you, and you begin to ask, how I am that also?
Perhaps you are not a thief and you simply cannot relate to what is going on, but yet, the irritation is there. Maybe there is a way you have stolen from yourself in a very subtle manner. The thief is simply a trigger. It is not always exact, but it will always relate to self. How have I done this to myself also?

Aurelia - I have a real fear issue around this, and here is what it is. If I have to make peace and consider as "myself" the people who have tried to mess up me or my mission or just tried to control me, and you well know who some of them are, I feel that they are going to try to come back in my life again to annoy me and mess up things for me again. My life is now peaceful and I don't want to have them in my face again.

Sananda - Did you hear me tell you to make peace with them?

Aurelia - No.

Sananda - As I told you before, it is not about them, but about you and your relationship with self. You can only do the inner work within yourself and make peace with yourself. You can rarely make peace with another person in the mirror game, especially because you are going to find that they most likely perceive everything very differently than you do. You can only heal yourself, and they can only heal themselves. They are not your responsibility.
It really doesn't matter whether you see those people ever again or not. It is not about approaching them and heal­ing everything with them, because this desire could be a projection. If they want to heal themselves they can do the job themselves. That is their business anyway. Your responsibility is to heal yourself and move on in vibration into Oneness.

Aurelia - Ok, that is the key I was missing, and I am getting it now.

Sananda - Yes, I said that when you change and heal the feeling within yourself, the next time you encounter the individual, no energy reaction will be triggered with them. This does not mean that you are going to make peace with them, and that you will have to become engaged with their energies again.

Aurelia - Sometimes you have to work with them and face them in your daily life or they may live in your house or close neighborhood.

Sananda - No, it is never about them, it is about you; they are just the trigger or the mirror. And if you reject the mir­ror, God is going to be sending you another one very soon, and a much bigger one. Not because Adama has made this suggestion, but because it is appropriate in the timing in your evolution right now. If you choose not to follow through with this, the mirrors might get bigger and more unpleasant. Not because Adama is going to set you up or anything like this, but because your own Divine Essence wills this for you at this time.

Aurelia - The reason I am asking you is that I want to get through with what Adama has assigned to me. I want to do a thorough job and understand it more.

Sananda - And you are going to find that this is going to be awesomely joyful and very empowering. Now, there are some instances when you may want to actually interact with a person who has been a trigger for you, but do it only after you have given yourself your full healing. If you approach them before, it could be disastrous. There are times when you may wish to approach another person, especially if there are hurt feelings involved. You may want to apologize for something. I am not saying you should, but your heart will know what you want to do. You will always have a feeling and a sense of what is right, of what is aligned and appropriate.
For the most part, these mirror experiences are solely for you in your relationship with self. Each time you encounter an un-aligned or an annoying experience and you bring it to a greater state of enlightenment within yourself, you bring yourself closer and closer to Oneness. You begin to feel Oneness with all things. You no longer take your life's experiences or your encounters so personally.
You realize that you created that experience, and you will be able to easily own it. When you are faced with a very strange, awkward or challenging mirror in the form of a person in your life, you will be able to own right away and say, "I created that, I attracted that experience to myself. I know that I did this, and it is an important healing for me, and I give it to myself now."
So, this is all about restoring your dignity, finding your deepest truths, becoming more empowered and getting clear. You will find that when you have done it, you will not attract these mirrors anymore. The mirrors that you get will be quite different; they will reflect your healed state Mirrors are not only negative, you know, they represent the full spectrum, as everything else does.

Aurelia - This is very helpful to me; you have said this many times before; it is not the first time, but now I am getting it much more clearly. Thank you, Sananda.

Sananda - You are welcome, beloved, and Adama will help you. This is a profound choice and suggestion that he has made for your advancement, and he will help you through the entire process.
When you can simply look at everything around you in the world, and state and feel within yourself that you are all of this also, you will know what it is to be God. When you meet your Creator, this is exactly what he will say to you: "I am you and you are me; we are the same. All that you have done, I have done also, because I have done it with you. We are one and the same."

Owning, beloved, is the greatest power of all. Owning in equality with Self will bring miracles upon miracles in your life.

Aurelia -I shall do it thoroughly.

Sananda - So be it. You will be forever very happy that you did it. This is another fifth dimensional protocol that every­one will have to go through and pass the same initiatic process that you are now facing in order to enter oneness.

Aurelia - Thank you very much. I am most grateful for your assistance at this time.

Sananda - You are welcome, beloved

This conversation between the Author Aurelia and Sananda is from the Book, 
"TELOS Volume 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension"
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  1. Finding out flaw in others is something that we do in our day to day life. I always wanted to get rid of this bad habbit, but found it very difficult to do so. Now i will be able to work towards it because i know the problem is with me and i need to correct it. Thankyou.


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