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Who is Sri Sathya Sai? - Early recognition.


Circa 1949

Traveling to Puttaparthi was an arduous affair back in the 40's and 50's. Only a handful of people had heard of the Divine boy of Puttaparthi who called Himself Sai Baba. Even the name Shirdi Sai was unheard of in those regions back then. So how did the Divine light spread?A rose will emanate its fragrance no matter how deep in the forest it buds.

A group of seekers arrived late to the old mandir one evening, having missed one of their bus. A certain lady amongst them being very tired, sought out a well in the village where she could quench her thirst. She was a very devoted soul and did not know much of Swami. Swami was then just about 19 - 20 years old. Having quenched her thirst she walked back towards the mandir to have her first darshans. Swami in anticipation of this devoted soul was already standing outside the mandir. He had made the efforts to dress himself up that day by wearing a parrot green colored gown ( wow!).

As soon as the lady saw Him, in utter ecstasy she cried "Oh! My dear King of Yogis!" and fell unconscious in the courtyard. Other devotees came around her making efforts to revive her. As she regained consciousness in deep devotion she said "Where were you hiding all these days?" Saying so she ran towards Swami to hold Him. Swami hid behind a curtain in the bhajan hall. She searched him restlessly everywhere crying " Krsna, Krsna" and fell down unconscious. Swami immediately came out running and sprinkled water on her face and applied vibhuti. He asked other ladies to fan her.

Whenever she would revive she would run around seeking Swami and fall down calling "Krsna, krsna". Seeing all this her embarrassed husband got angry. He scolded her for behaving like a mad person and asked her to keep quite. Swami told him " Nayana (Dear to the Eye), do not scold!  It is Sthala mahatva ( influence of this holy place ). Some people get influenced like this as soon as they get here." The husband agreed that there must be some power in this mandir which was making her behave thus.

The whole night the lady kept awake calling on Krsna. In the morning she told another lady attending on her "Amma, this person is GopalaKrsna. Do not be deceived thinking that He is a human being. I could see Him fanning me and applying vibhuti to me the whole of yesterday night. Did you not see Him?" Fact is none had seen Him though all of them had slept in the same mandir hall.

Next day when they were about to leave, Swami called the husband aside and told him " Please do not trouble her. She is not going to live more then fifteen days. She cannot get rid of her madness for Krsna. This is her last birth."

Later it was learned that the lady had passed away peacefully as Swami had predicted.

Two college boys from Madras set out for puttaparthi. They both were Sadhakas and had received a dream where a Divine figure had asked them to proceed to Puttaparthi. They travelled and located this place with great difficulty.

As they reached the village, one of the inmates of the mandir, as if anticipating their coming , directed them to take a bath in the river before entering the mandir. Accordingly they searched for the river.  To their astonishment, they saw two divine feet with bejewelled anklets, leading them with enchanting sounds.

They found the river and took a bath and then began washing their clothes.  They had a vision of Panduranga in form of a small boy. He would clutch His pitambara  and move away to avoid the splashing of water as they washed their clothes and would then playfully come close when there as no splashing.

The boys began wondering about the mahatva ( significance ) of this place. As they walked back the divine bejewelled feet appeared again to lead them towards the mandir and then disappeared.

By this time, Swam dressed in beautiful clothes was waiting in the hall to welcome them. As soon as they saw Swami, they dropped their washed wet clothes and rushed towards Swami, hugged Him, praised Him and wept. Other devotees gathered around watching these boys. Swami stood there smiling gently trying to free Himself but did not succeed.

One of the boys said " You thief, avoiding everybody You have come to this place! By wearing Kasaya vastra ( Ocher robes ) You are concealing divinity. Krsna, Gopala, why have you grown such hair on Your head? Your hair resembles that of Shiva, You are dressed like Krsna and look majestic like Rama. Whom do we take you to be? I cannot be without you. Krsna, Krsna, how fortunate are we to see You in human form!"

Turning towards other devotees he said " Believe my words, Do not leave Him. If you leave Him , you may not get Him again. He is Madhava ( Krsna ). He is fooling you by acting like Manava ( Human ). Do not waste this golden opportunity. Fulfill your lives. I know Him well!"  The boys kept praising Him and shedding anandasru ( tears of bliss ). Seeing them other devotees also started weeping. Swami smiling mischievously made small of the matter saying " What is this? This fellow is mad. Why do you weep?"

Before the boys arrived, Swami had foretold the ashram inmates that He was anxiously waiting for two great Vedantin devotees who would be arriving that day. So the devotees knew Swami was joking to lighten the mood.  The devotees stood there watching the boys weep in devotion. Swami consoled them lovingly.  He asked devotees to get food and ate with the boys in the same plate. He then spoke with them separately for long before sending them home the next day.

If you'd like to read more please read the wonderful book ' Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi'

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