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Food and Health in the Higher Dimensions.

Extracts from : Telos Volume 1– Revelation of a New Lumeria  - By Aurelia Louise Jones

Food and Health in the Higher Dimensions.

“ First of all, none of us know any weakness or dis­ease of any kind in our physical bodies. In our belief system, we know that our bodies were created as perfect and wondrous machines that were meant to live for thousands of years without any sign of weakness, aging or dying. All of our people can and do immortalize their physical bodies without much effort. We have fully embraced immortality and none of our people look to be over 40 years of age, though they may be 15,000 years old and more. Some of the folks here are over 30,000 years of age but look to be 35. We have no hospitals, nursing homes, nurses, doctors, dentists, health insurance or anything of that kind.

When we eat, we eat only the purest, high-energy vibra­tion food we can produce, totally organic and totally bal­anced with rich minerals that keep our bodies eternally strong and youthful. 98% of the food you eat is altered and made toxic with artificial chemicals such as preservatives, artificial food enhancers, herbicides, pesticides, ultra pas­teurization, etc.

Most of the food you eat is poorly grown and devoid of life force.
By the time you eat it, it is already old, altered and de­pleted of its natural nutrients and possesses little, if any, life force.

What you eat and how you eat it is not conducive to main­taining healthy, strong physical bodies in a state of immortality. Begin to read the ingredients on the labels of all food you put in your mouth and you will start noticing how artificial and synthetic your food is.

The creation of your physical bodies is so awesome; we remind you not to take them for granted. Your physical body is your tool of evolu­tion for your incarnation. It is your holy temple and you should consider it worthy of the greatest care and love.

The illnesses or diseases you are experiencing with your physical bodies are nothing more than mirrors of your life-styles and consciousness.

No wonder your bodies start aging shortly after the age of 30 years. No wonder that by the time you reach 60 or soon­er, most of you are plagued with several health problems, and you are looking forward to living on your retirement check or social security. The majority of the surface popula­tion do not live past the age of 90. The constitution of your bodies is already weakened at birth by generations upon generations of poor eating hab­its, stressful lives and mandatory vaccinations.

Why not cherish your bodies and give them what they re­ally need instead of looking to some other source to provide you with band-aid solutions that are so very temporary? There is no real healing outside of self. It is best that you make your own discoveries when it comes to nourish­ing and nurturing your bodies. Notice, I use the word nur­turing. Yes, your bodies, especially on the surface, require much more nurturing and loving than you presently give yourselves.

Return to nature, dear ones; it will not fail you. Your emo­tional overload also affects deeply the state of your physical wellness. Your lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, the level of toxicity that many of you subject the body to at work and your stress level all contribute to the breakdown of your bodies. Thousands of you world-wide, work in airtight buildings, breathe recycled air all day long while your bodies sit in front of a computer and /or a desk with a telephone in your hands. By the time you come home, you are too tired to exercise or make a “real meal” for your­selves, and rely too often on lifeless processed microwaved dinners.

In addition, have a look at the liquids you put into your mouths. You drink almost exclusively waters containing harmful substances such as synthetic chlorine, fluoride and other water decontamination chemicals. 95% of your water comes out of pipes and is contaminated in many ways. Check where your water source comes from and what is done to it to make it supposedly “safe” and drinkable. Though these waters may be considered safe and drinkable by your standards, they no longer hold any healing or reju­venation energies.

Think of how much coffee, soda, beer and alcohol of all kinds and other synthetic drinks are sold and consumed around the world each day. Your bodies need to be cleansed and purified on a regular basis. Pure, crystalline, “non-adulterated” water is what is required for you to drink daily in order to maintain your body in a constant state of wellness.

All illnesses and diseases are caused by genetic, nutritional, mental and emo­tional imbalances and toxicity. All this can be changed quite easily with a little more enlightenment and will­ingness to honor your body and your incarnation. The labels that your medical establishment gives diseases are relative. They only represent the acknowledgement of how those imbalances personally manifest themselves in your bodies.

The greatest health discovery we predict you will make in the next few years is the “awareness” that you can change all your eating habits, start exercising more, have more fun, reduce your physical and emotional stress level, and let go of old beliefs that keep you sick and tired True healing, dear ones, can only come from the soul and consciousness. Outside modalities are always secondary, and their benefits can only reflect the internal changes you are making.”

For more information please read : Telos Volume 1– Revelation of a New Lumeria  - By Aurelia Louise Jones

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