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Spiritual India - A western view.

     India’s Divine Science: A Swiss Monk (extracts)

“When I was in India, I observed that many people there are looking to the West, thinking that its high standard of material living is the key to happiness. But here in the West, I see more and more people are looking towards India – to her saints and her scriptures – for a solution to life’s problems. Where, then, is the answer to be found? Sri Paramahansa Yogananda said that the ideal civilization will come when there is a balance between spiritual and material development, as was in ancient India.”

 Sri Paramahansaji said: ‘If at this moment you could completely calm your body, your thoughts, and your emotions, you would instantly become aware of your true self, the Soul, and of your great body of the universe throbbing with the joy of God. The soul would be established in its own state. Isn’t it strange that the joy of God is within you and you cannot feel it? The reason you do not know His bliss is that you are intoxicated with your ego feeling (body consciousness).’”

“Don’t forget your divine heritage of India’s spiritual wealth. It is an invaluable contribution to the world because whatever role one plays in the great drama of life, it makes a tremendous difference whether he or she is functions from a center of inner peace or centre of inner restlessness and anxiety. Yoga bestows that inner peace.

I remember Mr. James J. Lynn, one of the greatest American disciples of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. He started in life as a poor farm boy; but he worked hard, studied hard, and eventually became a multimillionaire, one of the outstanding business leaders in the world. He said to me, “When I reached that point, I was a totally frustrated man. I had thought money could give me that happiness, but nothing seemed to satisfy me. I lived in a state of nervousness, a state of strain, an inward state of uncertainty. Then I met Sri Paramahansa Yogananda and started to practice Yoga. By following His instruction, I have gained calmness, peace, joy, and a sense of security that cannot come to anyone until he has found the true security of the soul.” Thus Mr. Lynn not only reached a pinnacle of material success but also the pinnacle of spiritual success. That is why He said,” Of all the achievements of the West, nothing can compare with the gift of India to the world – The royal science of Yoga.”

"When I was in Delhi, I went with some members to the Birla mandir. There I observed an old women so bend with age that she could hardly walk. Yet very slowly climbing the steps to the upper part of the temple where there is a large image of the Lord in the form of Krishna, she prostrated herself before the image touching the feet of Lord Krishna. It was a deeply moving sight.”

The last time I was in India, one of our American monks had to do some errands in Calcutta. Returning in the evening to our ashram in Dakshineshwar, he heard devotional chanting coming from a building he passed. So he asked a man, “What ashram is this?” And the answer was,” This is not an ashram; these are army barracks.” Now, where else in the world can you find soldiers spending their evenings singing to God?

That spirit of devotion to God is the true heritage from India.

Sri Paramahansaji told us that for many incarnations we may have worshiped God in an outer way – and that is good. Owning to the good accrued, a devotee is then lead to yoga, the most direct way to God. By interiorizing our energy and consciousness, we can worship Him on the altar of spirit within where He is always waiting for us. “Finding God within,” Paramahansaji tells us, “we will find Him without in all people and in all conditions.”

So once more I would like to say: Don’t forget your divine heritage; because what India has given to mankind, no other country has given. It is the greatest key to happiness and ultimate fulfilment.”

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  1. Nice sentiment expressed. I do agree with you that Indians are becoming myopic and fails to see that there is also a world beyond the material world. I think with new spiritual masters coming up and a lot of youth going to those masters will ultimately bring a huge revival back into the spiritual world.


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